8 Recipes That Relieve Stress Thanks To Their Healthy, Nutritionist-Approved Ingredients

Diet has a direct relationship with the physical and mental health of human body. The kind of food we eat produces an effect on our behaviors and moods. Highly acidic food can make you sluggish, fatigued and drained. Caffeinated drinks like ground coffee can increase the feelings of stress and anxiety. Similarly, alkaline foods impart positive effects on your body. They lower the risks of inflammation and eliminate toxins from your body. Also, they stimulate the happy hormones in your body increasing your energy.

Eating nutritious food can considerably reduce stress. If you eat calorically dense and less nutritious food, then your physiological health will get tarnished. However, there are some nutritious anti-anxiety foods that can regulate and uplift your mood.

8 Amazing Recipes That Reduce Stress

We have mentioned 8 best food recipes below which will relieve your stress. All thanks to their healthy and nutritionist-approved ingredients.

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8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

Kick start your day by whipping up a bowl of oatmeal in milk and add fruits like blueberry and seeds in it. You can eat oatmeal in breakfast as it is the best anti-anxiety food and keeps your mood pleasant throughout the day. Oatmeal has carbs in it which enhance the level of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a hormone that relieves stress and has a calming effect on your body. In addition to this, its fiber content has a slow absorption rate which keeps the blood sugar and energy levels stable.


8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

Add a freshly made celery into your meals. Just toss some chopped vegetables together and decorate it with rosemary dressing. You can use vegetables like cabbage, beets, carrots, celery, and fennel for this purpose. Along with these veggies, you can also add an apple in it to make a healthy salad. Celery is a stress-relieving food which is enriched with vitamins B6, C, K, and folate. You can also have celery with a slaw.


8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

Beat some eggs and fry them with butter, chopped onions and tomatoes. Eggs are rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid. Both of these nutrients are known to play a vital role in mood regulation. In the absence of vitamin B12, you will get depressed, and your anxiety level will increase.

Green Leafy Vegetables

8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

A bowl full of green leafy vegetables is naturally stress relieving food. You can easily mix vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and mint together. This bowl of salad reduces stress because all these green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals. Moreover, they also contain folate which stimulates dopamine. Dopamine is a pleasure stimulating chemical.

Salmon Fish

8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

Omega-3 fatty acid which reduces stress and anxiety is found in Salmon fish. Fry some salmon fish with required spices and have it in your dinner. People who consume fish tend to have high levels of omega-3 and lower levels of depression. Not only salmon but tuna and halibut are also full of omega-3s which lower the risk of inflammation.

Roasted Beef

8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

Beef has Linoleic acid in it which is known to give a boost to your brain. Moreover, it has zinc and vitamin C which makes it stress relieving food. You can make roasted beef as a main course meal and season it with herbs. In order to make it, you need to bake a chuck roast in an oven and sprinkle some parsley on it. The nutrients of beef and herbs together significantly reduce stress.

Yogurt & Blueberries

8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

When blueberries are combined with yogurt, you get an ultimate pleasant mood food. Yogurt with its probiotics reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Similarly, blueberries with their anthocyanin defend your body from negative feelings. You can add other fruits in the yogurt as well if you want to have nutrient-rich food.

Pepper With Turkey

8 Recipes That Relieve Stress

You can either add chopped pepper in your salad, eat it as a snack or meal it up with a delicious turkey. A turkey stuffed with peppers, onions, quinoa, tomatoes, and beans makes a healthy meal. Peppers are enriched with vitamin C which lowers the cortisol in the human body and balances your body. Moreover, it also suppresses feelings of stress and anxiety.


Hence if you want to live a healthy and happy life then add these nutritious recipes in your diet and live a carefree life. If you want to share any other recipe which you think is essential to reduce stress, then feel free to share it with us. You can give your feedback in the comment section.  

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