6 Ways to Meet New Friends Who Use Marijuana


Most marijuana users can agree that the experience is much more fun with friends. Not that there's anything wrong with a person who likes to keep to themselves and enjoy cannabis without the company of others, but it can certainly make it fun! If you’re looking for a way to meet new friends who also love to use marijuana products, we’ve rounded up the best ways to find new friends.

1. Try An App

There is an app or website for everything these days, including marijuana lovers. If you’re struggling to find friends where you live, it may be time to make a profile on a friend (or dating) app specifically designed for cannabis consumers.

There are plenty of options out there, each of which has a different interface and promises varying results, but taking some time to research the best for you can be exciting. Similar to regular companionship apps, these marijuana apps assure you’ll have a built-in smoking buddy.

2. Visit Dispensary Lounges

In some major cities, private companies offer a hybrid option of a dispensary and lounge. Here, individuals can both purchase and consume products in the safety of a swanky business.

If you’re a solo purchaser and looking to make some friends, you might consider joining a group or individuals who are also taking advantage of the lounge and kick back with them if they’ll have you. You can find dispensaries near you at Marijuana Doctors.

3. Go to Notorious Spots

Similar to the above recommendation, there are plenty of spots in big cities (and even small towns) that are well-known for smoking. For San Francisco, that may mean Twin Peaks, while it can be Belmont Harbor in Chicago.

While people aren’t necessarily visiting these places with the intention of socializing and making new friends, you never know who you’ll meet! It could be someone just like you looking for a new friend to chill with.

4. Attend an Event

Many regions host events that highlight cannabis products from time to time. At these festivals, they may sell unique strains, devices, and unique paraphernalia and offer speakers or demonstrations. If you’re a marijuana smoker, this can be a dream come true!

If you can make friends beforehand to attend with, that may be the most fun approach, but there’s nothing stopping you from making friends upon arriving. Use what you love as a conversation starter, and let the friendship grow naturally!

5. Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is the gateway to effortlessly making friends these days. Simply posting about something that is popular, such as marijuana, or commenting on someone else’s post, which speaks about the topic, can garner new friends.

The trick here is to transfer the introductions or innocent conversations to actionable get-togethers resulting in friendships! Other great places to discuss include sites like Reddit or groups on Facebook where you can form a virtual community with like-minded individuals in your region.

6. Branded Clothing

If you’re feeling up to it, wearing clothing that has monikers representing marijuana can draw new conversations. Sure, most acknowledgments will be something simple like “nice shirt,” but they can certainly spark deeper conversation.

Whether it be as small as a marijuana leaf on a hat or shirt, or an indie brand’s logo name on your shoes, a keen observer will notice and may want to chat with you about your interest.

How to Make Friends

The process of finding a marijuana-loving friendship is the same as any other friendship. It all comes down to the individuals’ ability to mesh well together and make one another comfortable.

The added bonus of someone who is also interested in marijuana won’t change how you make friends. Just remember to be open, social, and receptive to any person you come across, especially with actively seeking a marijuana-loving friend.


Finding new friends who are also marijuana users does not need to be an impossible feat. There are plenty of ways to meet new friends who are cannabis-friendly in today’s world, including apps, good ole fashion conversations, and events. Whatever you feel most comfortable with is the best option for you. Remember that forming a friendship with someone who uses marijuana is just the same as a typical friendship.


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