Visiting a dentist in America at least twice annually is highly recommended for overall good health. Individuals who suffer from more dental problems will have to increase that frequency. It’s beneficial to do so, but that’s only as far as your dentist is good for you. If they’re inexperienced, don’t treat you well, or are unqualified, those dental visits aren’t very useful at all. You’re better off in the hands of a new dentist instead.

In those situations, you’ll have to start from scratch by looking for a dentist in Fuquay-Varina NC or where you’re currently living you can trust. When it boils down to a matter as important as your health, however, this isn’t a fact you should bargain on. All that effort of searching again for a new dentist will be worth it.

While finding a new dentist can be a lot of work, there are instances when doing so is necessary. This post gives you a closer look at what those signs are. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Your Dentist Doesn’t Talk About Your Full Medical History Before Examination

No dentist should ever start without getting the patient’s medical history 1,toward%20a%20diagnosis%5B1%5D.. This is very important just so the dentist is aware of pertinent matters like allergies to certain medications, pre-existing medical conditions, and other health risks and hazards. Imagine the medical nightmare that could happen if your dentist prescribes you a medicine, not knowing that such counteracts with one of your maintenance medications or that you’re allergic to that particular substance.

Henceforth, it should be a red flag to you if the dentist examines and performs a procedure immediately without getting your medical history first. You’re lucky it’s still the early stages of your professional relationship. Leave while at this point.

2. Your Dentist Is No Longer The Right One For You, Age-Wise

You’ve now grown up to be an adult, which means saying goodbye to many things from your childhood, like your pediatrician and family dentist. It’s now time to move on to a regular dentist who works with adult patients and their needs.

Pediatric dentists are called such as they specialize in pediatric care. They’ve trained and spent extra years studying, focusing on children's teeth, gums, jaw and overall oral health. This can be pretty different with adults, considering growing children's unique needs versus that of adults with full-grown, permanent teeth.

3. Your Dentist And Their Staff Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Dental visits can already be anxiety-filled as they are, so the last thing you want is to walk into a clinic where the dentist and/or their staff make you feel the jitters even more. At the very least, they aim to make every dental visit fun and relaxing, to ease whatever fears you may have.

Remember, character and personality matter as much as skills, expertise, and qualifications do. You don’t have to suffer through a horrific time in their clinic when you know you could be in the hands of a more pleasant and amicable dental professional.

4. Your Dentist Has Retired Or Moved Out

Not all relationships, even professional ones, have to end negatively. Sometimes, you have no choice but to look for a new dentist because the one you’ve been under the care of has retired or moved out.

Fortunately, looking for a new dentist can be a lot easier in this situation. Your dentist may present you with a list of other dentists they highly recommend. All you have to do now is take your pick from that list.

5. Your Dentist Hasn’t Caught Up With Modern Technology

Some dentists have clinics equipped with the latest technology, while some are stuck in the past with primordial equipment. Yours could be the latter. And while it’s not a top requirement to have the best technology for a dentist to perform well, it’s a definite bonus to be under the care of an oral health professional who’s caught up with technology.

Why? Nothing beats modern equipment in making treatments more accessible, faster, and more efficient. Because of that equipment, diagnosing tooth and gum-related troubles can also be more accurate and precise.

Plus, it’s a significant advantage when you don’t have to jump from one dentist to another just because your current one has to temporarily refer you to another clinic for specific dental imagery needs, for instance, just because their clinic doesn’t offer it.

Final Thoughts

Switching dentists can be tough. But you’ve got to buckle up and stand your ground once you notice things are no longer working out well with the one you have right now. Your oral health should be the top priority 2 above anything else. If you notice any telltale signs above, you should be more than convinced that now is the time for new beginnings.


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