15 Best Sex Toys for Men


Sexual sensation can be enhanced by certain sex toys for men. While sex is an activity that should be enjoyed by all individuals involved, the thrill and excitement that should be derived from it is usually lost on some men who are so focused on giving their partners pleasure and forget about theirs, especially when the partners are somewhat selfish.

Also, sexual pleasure shouldn’t be a feeling only men in a sexual relationship with other people only should enjoy. With that in mind, it is possible for single men to experience the waves of pleasure that leads to intense orgasms with the use of sex toys, specifically made for men.

In this article, you, as a man, will get to know the various sex toys that are available to give you the pleasure that you’ve been missing. You will also get to know the idea that these sex toys for men employ to give you that familiar feel and sensation you get when your genital is stimulated.

How Do Sex Toys for Men Work?

There’s no crime in being naïve, we all were at some point in our lives. However, the responsibility of promoting yourself from the naïve man who knows little or nothing about how his body gives him sexual pleasure, and how the seemingly foreign objects he sees in sex shops, are useful to give him the satisfaction he’s been longing for to that man, that explicitly knows what and when to do when faced with a sex toy, even a new one, and invents new ways to use the ones he already has.

Sex toys are not complex objects. They are as simple as the male genital organ itself. While most male sex toys are made for self-pleasure, there are some that can be used by partners to pleasure their male counterparts. Without further ado, let’s see how male sex toys work.

Glans Penis Stimulation

The glans penis is a part of the penis that is informally called “the cap”. It is the cone-like shaped part of the penis that is atop the shaft. It possesses many nerves that make it very sensitive to touch. When it is touched on the underside, it sends a sensation through the perineum to the anus.

Some sex toys for men aim at stimulating the glans penis to give sexual sensation that may lead to orgasm for the man. Naturally, the sexual acts that these toys imitate include, penetrative sex – that is the entry of the male genital organ into the female’s, oral sex; such as blow job, and hand job.

These sexual activities stimulate the glans penis to different degrees, as does the sex toys for men.

Perineum Stimulation

The perineum is not an organ as some people might think. It is an area that extends between the scrotum and the anus, in men. It is one of the most ignored erogenous zones that exist in the body of a man.

The perineum can be directly or indirectly stimulated during a sexual act and this stimulation may lead to orgasm in some men.

Some sex toys are made to provide the desired stimulation to the perineum for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

Prostate Stimulation

The Prostate gland is one of the prominent but unseen parts of a man’s sexual organ. It is a walnut-shaped gland that is positioned just in front of the rectum. It receives the urethra from the seminal vesicles and runs it through to the penis.

On stimulation, during anal sex, the prostate can give an immense sexual pleasure that most men haven’t and will never experience. It is sometimes pressed so a man can achieve dry ejaculation – a situation where you orgasm but do not ejaculate. In this situation, the semen is redirected into the bladder, instead of out through the penis.

Sex toys for men that achieve this type of stimulation usually gain entry into the man’s body through the anus.

15 Best Sex Toys for Men

Now that you know what sex toys are and how they can give men sexual pleasure, let us look at some of the sex toys for men that you might take a fancy to and try out. Some of these sex toys can be used during self-masturbation or to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner.

We will segregate them into the type of stimulation they give.

Glans Penis Stimulation

  1. Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator

This sex toy is made to imitate the heat that a woman’s genital area provides to the penis when it is in action. The vibration it produces means you don’t have to use your hand as it does all the work for you.

The heat and vibration stimulate the glans penis till your sexual excitement reaches a climax.

  1. Flesh-light Turbo

The flesh-light turbo is a sex toy for men that imitates the blow job act. It has three distinct parts that act as the tongue, lips, and throat.

This sex toy is a good way to recreate the sensation of a blow job you once received or familiarize yourself with it before you get into the real act.

  1. Tenga Wavy-Textured Male Masturbator

This sex toy, unlike the ones that have been mentioned earlier, is a manual masturbator. As the name implies, the masturbation sleeves, which can be purchased singly or in packs, is made so that the surface is wavy, creating a unique sensation as you use it on your genital.

With this sex toy, you do not need to rush yourself to reach an orgasm.

  1. Full Stroke Auto-Blow

This automatic blowjob machine is one of the best sex toys for men. It is recently developed and uses artificial intelligence in combination with internal beads to stimulate the penis and give you the best blow job you’ve ever received.

The AI part of the machine enables you to save the combination of movements that gave you best sensation and can repeat it over and over.

  1. Auto-Suction Masturbator

The Auto-Suction masturbator also delivers top-notch blowjob. The toy comprises of a suction and a remote that is connected to the suction by a cord.

It does not require hand movement for it to give pleasure. Power it on, and control the level of vibration and suction speed with the remote.

Perineum Stimulation

  1. Le Wand Massager

This massager is a sex toy that resembles a microphone or a massage gun. Power it on and gently press it against your perineum for the best sensation you’ve ever felt.

  1. We-Vibe Vector

This sex toy is more of an all-rounder. It stimulates the prostate and the perineum, increasing the intensity of pleasure you feel if used on you by a partner, or gives you a new feeling of pleasure, if you’re using it for the first time.

  1. Paloqueth Prostate Stimulator

This sex toy for men, also called the Male G Spot Vibrator has 8 levels of vibration, each giving different intensity of stimulation and pleasure.  It is wireless and uses a remote to control its function.

Get it in through the anus and experience shots of pleasure through your body from the prostate, rectum, and perineum, all at once.

Prostate Stimulation

  1. The Duke Prostate Massager

This black-colored, silicon toy is made to do more than massage the prostate. It also stimulates the perineum and the dep areas of the rectum when it vibrates. The sensation it sends through your body is almost unequalled.

  1. Lelo Bruno Prostate Vibrator

The Leno Bruno is curved in its design to target two specific areas of a man’s sexual organs; the prostate and the perineum. As you set the vibration to your desired level and let it in through your anus, it stimulates the prostate and presses against the perineum, stimulating and applying pressure to it, at the same time.

  1. Helix Prostate Massager

Shaped like a trident, the Aneros trident Helix Prostate Massager is easy to insert into the anus, leading the long part towards the prostate and the curved handle bars, pressing against the perineum.

  1. The Bow

This is a stainless-steel sex toy for men that does not need to be vibrated. It is easy and practical as it can be heated or cooled to a desired temperature for some adventure and new experience. It effectively stimulates the perineum and prostate till orgasm.


  1. Lovely 2.0

This sex toy is a basic one that helps to retain erection as long as possible and stimulates your partners clitoris at the same time. It is a cock ring with a pointed head that effectively stimulates your partner’s clit.

  1. Fun factory Manta

This sex toy for men turns a penis into a vibrator. It is worn on the penis shaft and when the power button is pushed, it starts to vibrate. The vibration can be increased or decreased, giving your partner immense pleasure while you do little.

  1. Silicone Cock Ring

The Silicon cock ring is a legend as so many men from different generation have used this sex toy. It helps to hold blood in the spongy tissues of the penis, consequently making erections last longer. It also helps you to achieve breath-taking orgasms as it delays it till the body cannot hold it anymore.

Bonus: Penis Sleeve

The above toys enable you to reach the acme of pleasure in solo play or sexual intercourse. There’s one more: a penis sleeve that is just as versatile. This penis enhancement device adds girth, length, or texture for a more satisfying sexual experience. So find the right cock sheath or cock sleeve with the features you want.


Sex toys for men, especially those that stimulate the prostate and gain entry into the body through the anus, have been seen as an object for gay men. However, it is a fact that almost all men engage in self pleasure.

Why not kick things up a notch with these sex toys? You can even invite your partner to try them on you and you will be surprised how much it will please you that you did.

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