With 3D designs paired with fashionable accents, attractive and seductive, and other appealing qualities, this kind of underwear is sure to catch your attention and win you over.

Slim shape, simple to wash, combination of 88% 1Terylene and 12% 2spandex; typically doesn't fade under normal circumstances.

You have the ideal option on both thanks to the five sizes that are offered. We constantly stay current with fashion because of this. Strive to strike a balance between ease and beauty while combining wonderful concepts.

The majority of your drawer's underwear will soon be replaced with stylish pants for ladies.


The 88% Terylene,12% spandex combination used to make 3D fashion printed pants makes them comfortable, breathable, and simple to clean.

Design for No Show Panties

The low rise design reveals attractive, seamless underwear, fashionable styling, and accentuates your flawless curves while being more comfortable and seam-free.

Features of underwear fabrics:

Our hipster underwear boasts a comfortable cotton gusset lining, and the elastic waistband allows for exceptional mobility and body conformity.

Strong Like You:

You have access to a variety of designs and sizes that will allow you to stand in front of a mirror or embrace your beloved and experience a different life every day.


The trendy and naughty 3D printed designs on your underwear will help you relax and lessen your daily stress. Perfect beach activities for summer, so start enjoying your vacation! Best present for a bikini party, certain to be a smash and make your guests laugh a lot.

Why you should pick 100 Dollar underwear

1. Material/Comfort

Breathability is important when it comes to inner clothing. You want to prevent perspiration and heat buildup. When researching different materials for men's underwear, cotton, bamboo, and modal stand out. These fabrics are supple, absorbent, and let air to pass through to your skin.

2. Body Shape and Brief Style

The kind of underwear you choose should complement your body type. For instance, if you have a big waist, boxers are generally your best option. On the other side, briefs will provide the greatest support if you have big thighs.

3. Stretch and Elasticity

A nice pair of underwear should have just the right amount of give. The cloth should expand as you develop, and the waistline should be tight but not restricting. Uncomfortable skin irritation and chafing may result from wearing tight undergarments.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of cash on underpants. However, after a few washes, inexpensive underwear is more prone to lose its form, spread out, and disintegrate. As a result, if you want something durable, it's worthwhile to invest the additional money.

Who is this for?

Since underwear is the item that touches your flesh the closest, everyone needs them. Therefore, it could be time to think about altering them if they don't seem right.

If you've ever worn narrow jeans, you're probably all too acquainted with how they feel when they push on your private parts.

Imagine that now, but without any underpants to provide as a cushion. Ouch! We think everyone should buy a decent pair (or multiple pairs) of high-quality underwear because of this.

Customers review

John (Amazon)

The material is adequate, however the fit is a little tiny in comparison to top brands. I believe a L size would be a xxl. Underwear is given with no returns policy. Therefore, use caution while choosing a size.

Victor (Amazon)

This model is highly creative and fashionable.

But since there is a space between the legs or thighs, this is not pleasant.

Therefore, it does not provide enough help.

It would have been more elegant and comfy if the maker had enlarged the covering between the legs.

Paul (Amazon)

Dollar is a well-known clothing brand worldwide. But this time, I'm quite disappointed in this brand's goods quality.

In reality, I only paid for a pair of internal inner; the whole set cost 700 rupees. Everything was well when I purchased the inner at that time, and its contents were of high grade.

But after approximately two washes, the inside wool starts to look like dull cotton. Then I understand that I made a mistake by purchasing this subpar item.

I also complained, but neither the business nor the shopkeeper took any action.

Mark (Amazon)

Dear friends I'm discussing Dollar Franchise with you. I previously purchased the vest and panties of this brand. However, after using it, I discovered that the cloth is of poor quality.

This vest's fabric is very thin and easily torn. The material started to shrink after two or three washings, which is not ideal. The dollar is merely a brand; it lacks substance. In only one month, my vest and panties both tore.

When I contacted the business, they claimed that it was my fault and that I was not eligible for a refund. Friends, please refrain from using this. It's a subpar product. Thanks


Care and maintenance

Washing might be challenging. You don't want to deteriorate the fabric or make it shrink. More delicate materials are more refined.

Therefore, hand washing is the safest and most effective way to care for your man's underwear. It is preferable to machine wash your underwear on a gentle cycle in cold water and then let them air dry if that is not an option. Iron your underpants on the lowest setting if you must.

Make careful to air dry your underwear rather than using a dryer. This will support preserving the fabric's suppleness. Additionally, air drying helps lengthen the life of your underwear. High heat ruins textiles and, in certain cases, degrades them completely.

After each wear, you should wash your underwear. By doing this, odor-causing bacteria and perspiration accumulation will be less likely to occur. Up to 10,000 live germs may be found in clean underpants after washing, according to studies.

It's possible that wearing underwear more than once will make you smell awful because of bacterial development, bodily fluid contamination, and moisture.

Nobody can deny the pleasure of putting on a fresh pair of underpants in the morning. Therefore, be sure to wash your underwear every day.

Reduce pilling, commonly referred to as fuzzballs, by using a fabric shaver to remove loose threads from your older underwear.

This will keep your underwear looking nicer for longer. Given that underwear is not the most economical need, you can without a doubt blame it on the current economic climate.

If you've ever worked, even just once, you're aware that most of your perspiration falls to your underwear. As a result, put aside a few pairs for the gym. It's improper to exercise while wearing your nicest underpants.

It's a life guideline to change your underwear every six months. They should be thrown away anytime they start to look ragged and worn.

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