Where to Find High-Quality Equipment for Extraction?


Extraction machines are designed to provide the purest form of extracts in a timely manner. The advantage of using modern extraction technology allows you to retain efficiency and deliver the best product without degrading the quality. If you are looking to find your extraction equipment, the manual extraction system called Triplextract will be perfect for you. This can process 20 pounds of biomass material every hour. You can use system balances to generate the best output from the machine.

Features of Triplextract

Colorado Extraction Systems assists you to find your extraction equipment. The features of Triplextract are as follows:

• It offers you a 5 level filtration system.

• It is an FDA compliant machine

• Works with a closed-loop system that is integrated with Sprayvap.

• Provides you consistent tincture.

• Works with minimal mobility in parts

• Ensures fast and quick extraction rates

Features of Maxxtract

Maxxtract is a completely automatic extraction machine which can process thousand pounds of biomass in each hour. The modern design facilitates plant extraction by causing very little damage to plants. You can find your extraction equipment by adopting Maxxtract as your extraction technology.

• You can use this equipment to generate 99% of ethanol recovery.

• This machinery is FDA Compliant

• You need to maintain an extraction temperature of – 40oC.

• Produces a good residue without causing major damage to plants.

• Has a low solvent ratio to biomass.

If you are looking to find your extraction equipment like Triplextract or Maxxtract, you can schedule a demo at sales@coloradoextarction.com or through a call: 800-513-5560.

Innovation Leader

CES always adopts innovation methods to simplify extraction processes adopted by your organization. The modern design ensures very little residue is left after the plant extraction process gets completed. The organization offers financial support to you so that you can purchase the best machinery which meets your business needs. You can also book a guided demonstration either online or through a call. To know more about various features of new products added, you can also subscribe to an online newsletter.

Professional Training for using Extraction Systems

You can seek professional guidance and attend relevant training programs which equip you to use the extraction machinery easily which adds value to your overall business process. It is a good idea to enhance your production efficiency by adopting the latest distillation technology which gives you the capacity of 5 liters and 12 liters respectively and the machinery requires low maintenance and produces higher results of the end product efficiently within the defined time. You can schedule a demonstration before you decide to purchase the equipment.


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