Where can I get an abscessed tooth looked at?


A tooth abscess is a dental ailment often accompanied by severe pain, pus, and inflammation of the tissues Oftentimes the underlying reason for an abscessed tooth is a neglected cavity or an untreated injury. This allows bacteria to come in contact with the nerve tissues of the tooth and cause an infection.

The common symptoms accompanying this are severe toothache, sensitive tooth, discomfort while chewing food, swelling of the face or cheek to name a few.

An abscessed tooth when left untreated may cause the bacterial infection to spread to other areas of the body and can lead to more complications. At the first sign of experiencing any of the associated symptoms please search for a dentist nw Calgary and contact your nearest dentist to seek an appointment. The dentist may suggest a dental x-ray to gauge the severity of the infection and then suggest the appropriate treatment. Early treatment can easily save the natural tooth.

A general dentist may be able to treat an abscessed tooth, though occasionally they may need to refer a complex case to an endodontist (a dentist specializing in diseases concerning the pulp or nerve of the tooth). The dentist may, upon looking at the degree of the abscess, often suggest a Root Canal Treatment if they have reason to believe that the original tooth can be saved.

A root canal treatment involves extracting the diseased tissue or pulp from the tooth to stop the spread of further infection. This involves making a small opening to be able to extract the infected tissues. After the infected tissue is removed from the canal, the opening made in the tooth is sealed with a tooth friendly material.

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This process, as we can imagine, will weaken the structure of your natural tooth. To ensure there is minimal disruption to an individual’s quality of life, the tooth needs to undergo a restoration process to help aid its day-to-day function.

Your dentist may then suggest placing a crown (cap) on top of your tooth so that the weakened natural tooth is not damaged further. Occasionally, a simple filling may be enough to restore the weakened tooth. Please search for dentist nw Calgary if you are suffering from any of the symptoms of an abscessed tooth. A little bit of care along with routine dental check-ups can help the restored tooth to last for many years with minimal medical intervention.



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