Top 10 best African restaurants in the United Kingdom

Fast food chains, venerable family-run eateries, and hip new restaurants may all be found in the United Kingdom. Among them are a few delicious African eateries that provide everything from traditional favourites to contemporary fusion.

African food enthusiasts in the UK have never had it so good, as the nation's capital is gradually turning into a must-visit location for the cuisine. This is due in part to its increasingly diverse and multicultural population.

In fact, Europeans have come to love African cuisine, making African restaurants popular in the UK. You no longer have to miss the flavour of your native food, from the delectable Banga soup and eba to the luscious lamb wrapped in a chocolaty stew.

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Enish Nigerian Restaurant

If you're yearning for Nigerian food, Enish's offerings and menu won't let you down. One of the top restaurants in the UK for African cuisine is Enish. Nigerian cuisine is among the greatest on the African continent, so you can't afford to miss out on the meals offered here.

Whether you are English, Asian, Spanish, or African, you may enter Enish and enjoy wholesome meals. The majority of the menu is made up of Nigerian meals, while there may be a few variations. You may eat Asepo, and Egusi with bitter leaves, Abula, Afang, Efe Riro, Okra, and Edikang Ikong (mixed okra).

62 S End, Croydon, United Kingdom, CR0 1DP

Tagine Zhor

In Africa, we are aware of the deliciousness of our grandparents' cooking. The Moroccan eatery Tagine Zhor transports the palate on a 1gourmet adventure.

In a beautiful environment, Mostafa Benjelloun works culinary magic with his grandmother's recipes. The restaurant provides delicious delicacies including tagine with chicken, confit lemons, and duck with pine nuts and apricots.

On the ground floor of the building, there is a bazaar store where you may get some amazing items, especially Moroccan trinkets.

Location: 1a N Parade, Bath, United Kingdom, BA1 1LF

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

Visit Zoe's Ghana Kitchen if you've ever wondered why Nigerians and Ghanaians often quarrel over a dish of jollof rice. The tastiest dishes from Ghana were imported to the UK by this restaurant.

The 2restaurant's proprietor, Zoe, makes sure that everyone has a good time by serving dishes like Goat Ragu with Prekese, Puff Puff (Bofrot), Akara (black-eyed bean fritters), and Tatake (Plantain Pancakes).

49 Brixton Station Road, London 100 Clapham Park Road

Addis Restaurant

Do you wish to eat at a family-run restaurant in the UK that provides excellent service and reasonable prices? One of the greatest venues in London to eat authentic African cuisine is Addis Restaurant.

In 2001, the Ethiopian eatery welcomed customers. It has had a profound impact on Ethiopians who live there and go there.

If you've never had injera, a beloved national delicacy of Ethiopia, you may do so in this establishment. Lamb kebab, Addis potatoes, mixed salad, Selata Khadra, Awaze Tibs, Bozena Shro, Samaka Muhamar, dulet, and more meals are available.

Location: London, 40-42 Caledonian Road

Koshari Street

Egypt's national cuisine, koshari, is served at the restaurant Koshari Street. The meal has the tastiest garnishes and ingredients, which both make it healthy and impossible to refuse. When your Koshari is prepared, you may choose to try it with various sauces, vegetables, or garnishes.

In addition, you may get Egyptian Lentil, Roasted Sweet Potato, Jackfruit Koshari, Coconut & Spirulina, California Koshari, and Fava Bean Koshari.

56 St. Martin's Lane, London

Red Sea Liverpool

Try Red Sea Liverpool Restaurant in the UK if you want to sample Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. You may order exquisite meals at the restaurant that have been produced using cutting-edge culinary techniques and flavours.

Here, you may sample Shiro, Niter kibbeh, and the well-liked Injera, a soft, somewhat sour flatbread that is commonly served with various foods. You may make a reservation in advance using the restaurant's official website, which eliminates the need to wait in line for your dinner.

Location: 19 Lodge Ln, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L8 0QD

Ikoyi Restaurant St. James’s

Ikoyi is a well-known Michelin-starred restaurant that draws prominent Africans and celebrities. Jermemy Chan combines seasonal foods from the UK with a variety of menu items acquired from various locations in West Africa. Some of the most delicious dishes you've ever had have you completely absorbed.

You may choose from dishes like plantain-smoked kelp with blackberry, 120-day aged Angus rib steak with saffron soubise, and smoked jollof rice.

Location: 1 St. James's Market, St. James, London, United Kingdom, SW1Y 4AH


In London, Akoko has become a well-known name. Akoko leaves you wanting more, whether you want a smoky bowl of Amok or Carlingford oyster cooked over a fire in a Gambian stew. You can only get the greatest West African cuisine when Theo Clench is the head chef.

Fine West African cuisine is served at this cosy, classy restaurant together with delectable beverages. Here, you may receive the greatest service by ordering a six- or nine-course meal. The next time you visit, be sure to get the Isle of Mull scallops with peanut oil.

Address: 21 Berners Street, London, United Kingdom, W1T 3LP

Mosob Eritrean Restaurant

An Eritrean restaurant called Mosob is named after the customary hand-woven service table. You will be fascinated by the family-run restaurant's attentive and jovial staff members' expertise in Eritrean cuisine, culture, and history.

If you want a special dining experience, Mosob brings Africa to you via its cuisine and service. You really feel at home when your meal is presented with a dish with a centre. A few of the meals to try are our juicy lamb in a rich chocolate stew, wide beans seasoned with cumin and chilli, and meat dishes served with the pillowy injera.

Location: 339 Harrow Road, Maida Hill, London, United Kingdom, W9 3RB

Barwaaqo Restaurant

Bristol's charming Barwaaqo restaurant serves delectable Somali cuisine. They provide their guests with first-rate service while serving Somali and Swahili food. Many people who have eaten at Barwaaqo recall having enjoyable meals there.

Their lively atmosphere is perfect for having supper with friends. If you eat enough at their restaurant, you may take the leftovers home with you since they provide take-out and delivery services around the city.

In Bristol, at 7-9 Church Road in Lawrence Hill.


To sample your favourite cuisine, you don't need to wait till you go to Africa. Some of the best African restaurants, where you can experience a range of delicacies, are now located in the United Kingdom. When visiting the UK, don't forget to include these eateries on your dining itinerary. Enjoy!


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