How and Where to Renew your Medical Marijuana Card


Medical marijuana is now allowed in other states and countries since study shows that they can aid in treating symptoms of chronic illnesses such as extreme pain, skin problems and mental issues. Getting a medical marijuana certificate requires recommendations from a doctor and proof of your medical condition is needed. Once you are able to get a medical marijuana certificate , the next question will be where to renew your medical marijuana certification. Here are some tips on how to renew it. There are two ways in renewing your medical marijuana certification :

Steps in Renewing Marijuana Medical Card Online

Step 1

Online applications are mostly done in renewing your medical marijuana access. You have to sign up if it’s your first time, provide the needed information being asked in filling up the forms. Make sure to put in the right information to avoid errors and hassles in the future. Once sign up is done, you can now open the page.

Step 2

Upon entering the web page of your profile you can browse the tabs and check on the “renew my application” click on it and fill in the necessary information. They will be asking you to upload your identification card and make sure to upload a valid one. It is important that your ID is valid since you will be using the same ID when you purchase from the pharmacy.

Step 3

Upload all the necessary documents being asked and make sure they are clear enough to be read and verified by the receiver. Signature will also be needed, and it will be done electronically , the signature part can be seen in the bottom.

Step 4

Processing of payment will be the last part for your application. You will be asked to submit your banking details to be able to process the payment. A confirmation apparel will have it printed so you can have a copy for proof. You have now completed your medical marijuana card renewal online.


Getting your medical Marijuana card renewed online can be more convenient and visiting your doctor will not be required as long as you can provide the documents to be uploaded in your application.

Steps in Renewing Medical Marijuana Card with Your Doctor

Step 1

You can go to your doctor and tell them you want to renew your medical marijuana card. Evaluation will be done by your doctor to check if you are still qualified with your present conditions during the renewal.

Step 2

You will be able to fill up the renewal form and provide the necessary documents which may include: medical record , State ID , previous marijuana card and Form of payment.

Step 3

If your medical marijuana access is approved then you have to, your recommendation will be sent to the pharmacy. Once they receive your recommendation, you will schedule an appointment for a 15 minute intake with the pharmacist to discuss your medicines.


Your doctor can check your condition well and be able to determine if you still need to continue with your medical marijuana.

Renewal of medical marijuana access can be done in two ways, depending on which one is convenient for you. Medical marijuana can be helpful to people who really need it, the validity of a medical marijuana access is 1 year. They make it renewable since people can need it in the long term. Considering that they have to be qualified every year to show that they still need to use cannabis treatment. Although medical marijuana has been allowed, releasing it to patients should still be done cautiously since some people can take advantage of it. That’s why renewals are done and requirements are still needed in order to determine if patients are qualified to get renewals. Make sure to comply with all the documents necessary in order to renew your access.

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