Query: Can Okra Water Boost Ovulation?


When you are seeking to have a baby, one of the recommendations you will often hear is to consume more okra, but the question is can okra water boost ovulation? It is only logical that if you can eat okra to get pregnant, definitely, you can use okra water to boost ovulation and increase your chances of getting pregnant, all things being equal.

Okra is one of the most consumed vegetables in Nigeria. It is only second to Ugu (fluted pumpkin) and is used to make different dishes in different parts of the country. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and a high fiber level, which helps to promote weight loss and manage diabetes. However, you must be wondering what okra contains that is not found in other vegetables that makes it useful in boosting a woman’s ovulation.

In this article, we will answer the question, “can okra water boost ovulation?” While doing so, we will consider the nutritional composition of okra and pinpoint the nutrients that are responsible for influencing the ovulation in women. We will also answer some questions posed by people concerning the use and efficacy of okra water in boosting ovulation.

Understanding Ovulation

Ovulation is the release of one or more mature eggs from the ovaries of a woman at a certain time in the menstrual cycle. It is an important activity that must happen if pregnancy is to take place. The hormones, estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH), have great roles to play in the success of ovulation.

The eggs are released from the ovary – usually one from each ovary, every month, alternatively – and it moves to the uterus, through the fallopian tube, where it is to get fertilized and implanted in case fertilization occurs. The eggs do not get released if they are not mature, and the regulation of their growth and maturity depend on the aforementioned hormones.

The follicle stimulating hormone is primarily responsible for the rupture of the ovary and aids in the release of the mature eggs. During this period, the estrogen and progesterone levels are usually low and luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones are high.

Okra – Its Nutritional Composition

Okra is a common dish around the world. It is especially more commonly consumed in developing countries because it helps to mitigate malnutrition and promotes food security in these countries. It is characterized by its mucilaginous fruit that renders the dish it is used in slimy. However, it can be made less slimy if it is cooked with an acidic food.

Okra fruits for Okra water boost ovulation

Its many health benefits are possible due to the nutrients it contains, which include:

Nutrient Composition
Carbohydrates 7.46 g
Fat 0.19 g
Protein 1.9 g
Vitamin A 36 µg
Vitamin B1 0.2 mg
Vitamin B2 0.06 mg
Vitamin B3 1 mg
Vitamin B9 60 µg
Vitamin C 23 mg
Vitamin E 0.27 mg
Vitamin K 31.3 µg
Calcium 82 mg
Iron 0.62 mg
Magnesium 57 mg
Phosphorus 61 mg
Potassium 299 mg
Zinc 0.58 mg


In 100 g of okra fruit, the above nutrient composition applies. The low level of fat and high dietary fiber content of okra makes it suitable for weight management. Also, the abundance of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus, aids in improving heart health and has a positive effect on blood sugar level. However, can okra water boost ovulation with this array of nutrients?

What Nutrients are Responsible for Increasing Ovulation?

Now, that we understand how ovulation occurs and the nutrients okra contain, we can easily pinpoint the nutrients okra contain that helps to boost ovulation. From our earlier section; Understanding Ovulation, we have understood that the luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones are usually higher than progesterone and estrogen during ovulation. Therefore, the nutrients we are looking out for should either help to suppress the levels of estrogen or increase the levels of FSH and LH.

  • Antioxidants

One of the reasons ovulations fluctuates in many women is stress. Stress triggers the release of cortisol which interferes with the efficient biological reproductive clock. Hence, ovulation does not occur when it should, reducing the chances of getting pregnant.

However, antioxidants help to relieve the stress and reset the biological reproductive clock. Vitamin c, one of the nutrients in okra, is an antioxidant that effectively removes toxins from the body cells and relieve it of oxidative waste. Constant consumption of vitamin c, as contained in okra water boosts ovulation.

  • Fiber

Fiber is popularly known to help with food digestion, weight management, and blood sugar level regulation. However, what is not commonly talked about is its ability to remove excess hormones from the body. Soluble fiber, as contained in okra, helps to remove excess estrogen and progesterone from the intestine, increasing your chances of ovulation.

This action of fiber helps to make sure the FSH and LH in the body are higher than estrogen and progesterone.

  • Folate

Vitamin B9 takes 15% of the nutrients in 100g of okra. The importance of folate in ovulation has been researched and confirmed. It is the reason most multivitamin supplements such as prenantal multivitamins contain folate. According to a study that tested the effect of folic acid on the chances of pregnancy, it was found that the pregnancy rate among the participants was 83%

  • Iron

Iron is an important nutrient in the formation of blood cells and platelets. The blood is one of the important parts of the transport mechanism in the body as it helps to transport hormones form where it is secreted to its target site.

When the progesterone and estrogen levels are high and they need to be reduced, it transports the chemical message to the concerned site and essentially helps to reduce their levels, making ovulation possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Okra Water

How do I Use Okra Water for ovulation?

Okra water for ovulation is an effective way to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Some quarters of women health and pregnancy speculate that it can boost ovulation so much that you can have two eggs released at once.

To prepare okra water,

  • Acquire about 5 fingers of okra.
  • Wash and dice them into smaller bits.
  • Soak them in water at room temperature overnight
  • Separate the water from the fruits in the morning
  • Drink on an empty stomach.

Can Okra Water help me conceive?

According to researches sited in this article, you have a higher chance of ovulating more if you take okra water. However, conception only starts with ovulation. Your partner must have healthy sperm cells to fertilize your matured, released eggs before conception can take place.

When should I take okra water for ovulation?

Okra water for ovulation is best taken in the morning before you eat anything else.


In our quest to answer the question, “Can Okra water boost ovulation?” we have talked about the nutritional composition of okra and how the nutrients it contains can influence the hormones that control ovulation. We have also helped you better understand how ovulation works.

Endeavor to give okra water a try and see how well it works to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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