I enrolled in Preppy’s Medical Billing & Coding program, and today, I’ll share my experience with the program.

I wanted to get a job as a Medical Coder, and I was just fascinated with this industry.

The problem was that the training options (for Medical Coding) around me weren’t that great, and plus, they were all so expensive.

I didn’t have 30-40 grand lying around just to spend on medical coding education.

And I have to say, what Preppy has created with training programs is incredible.

My overall rating for their training program is an easy 9.5/10.

If anyone reading this wants to get into Medical Coding or Medical Billing and coding, I highly highly recommend Preppy.

Here’s how my overall journey went with Preppy.

How Did I Discover Preppy?

I have to thank Victoria for this. Victoria runs an amazing YouTube Channel for medical coders & billers - Contempo Coding.

She recommends Preppy to anyone looking to get training in Medical Billing & Coding.

So, after a few days of deliberation, I finally enrolled in their program -> One of the best decisions of my life.

University Certificate

From what I read while researching different programs, I found that a lot of employers prefer university certificates.

I get it; it's healthcare! They all love universities.

Luckily, Preppy’s program is through an accredited university. So essentially, I got a university certificate for my medical billing & coding.

This was a huge deal for me because, at this price, you cannot get an accredited university’s certificate for medical billing & Coding training.


Talking about the price, Preppy claimed that their training programs are insanely affordable.

I initially thought that this was just a marketing gimmick, but wow, their price point is actually insane.

Full-time programs can cost upwards of 30 grand.

And with Preppy, you can get your training for just $1599. This was huge for me,

At this price, Preppy’s Medical Billing & Coding Program was a no-brainer for me.

Self-Paced Courses, On-Demand Classes – Feature I Needed Most

I wanted to have my classes at my own convenience, without bothering about the schedules and timings. With Preppy’s Medical Billing & Coding course, you can get exactly that.

Their program is entirely online, and you can study anytime.

I’m a single parent, and it can be hard taking time to attend a class every day.

With Preppy, I could learn at my own pace & convenience.

Finished my Training in 5 Months

Unlike full-time programs, there’s no fluff with Preppy. Your training is 100% about medical billing and coding.

This meant I could complete my training in just 5 months. Mind you, I wasn’t even studying daily; I just studied for a few hours 3-4 times a week.

And I took time with training, especially while going through anatomy and ICD-10-CM codes.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, you get access to their program for a whole year, which is more than enough to complete the program.

Certification Ready (CPC & CBCS)

Being Certified is almost mandatory at this point if you want a career in Medical Coding. And once again, Preppy’s curriculum prepared me to pass the CPC exam. (Which I took in April this year)

I can proudly say that I’m now a Certified Medical Coder. It feels great.

One thing, though, after completing Preppy’s program and before you sit for your CPC exam,

I recommend getting some additional exam prep or questions. It helped me a lot.

Second, I revisited Preppy’s lessons while I was studying for the exam. This made the whole preparation process incredibly convenient for me.

I’m also planning to take the CBCS certification exam this year. It isn’t as well-known as the CPC, but I think it would help me gain more respect in my next job.

Books and training materials included

One tip - since Preppy’s an online program, you get e-books for training. However, you send Preppy’s support team an email, and they’ll send you physical copies of textbooks as well.

No additional cost!


I was a complete newbie to healthcare. No one in my family ever had a job in healthcare.

That’s why Preppy’s externship was a lifesaver. I got my externship at a hospital, which was about 10 miles from where I lived.

Great experience, and the entire process of getting the externship was smooth as well.

The externship helped me get an idea of what it’s like working in healthcare and what’s expected from a Medical Coder.

Let’s say it helped clear my nerves before my first job interview.

And oh, I think I didn’t mention it.

I landed my first job as an entry-level medical coder in June. I’m planning to work here for at least a year before I apply for a job at a local hospital.

And I Also Got a Free Laptop

This was a nice touch. You Chromebook, and I used it to take notes and sometimes to watch some Netflix. (Yeah, I binged Stranger Things, no regrets)

You don’t have to send it back after completing your training, like some other institutions.

So yeah, Thanks, Preppy!

In Conclusion

I am now working in a new career as a Medical Coder, and a couple of years back, it would have seemed impossible.

And this has all been because of Preppy.

They are a young startup, but these guys really want to disrupt the certification training space.

And, I still can’t believe they’re able to price their programs at just $1599.

I loved their training program, and as I said earlier if you’re looking for Medical Billing & Coding Training,

Preppy’s Medical Billing & Coding Certification Program is what I recommend.

Hand’s-Down the best choice!



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