4 Ways to Ensure your Patients Don’t Miss Their Medications on Time


There are many patients with long-term health/dental disorders who don’t follow schedules when it comes to taking their medications and postoperative care.

4 Ways to Help Ensure your Patients Don’t Miss Their Medications

It is also suggested through research that getting people involved in their schedules and empowering them to take medications when it’s time can have a positive impact on oral health and overall health.

It can even be more effective than any medical treatment improvements as it has to do with trust/confidence.

4 Ways to Help Ensure your Patients Don’t Miss Taking Their Medications on Time?

Many patients don’t manage their medications consumption on their own. There are factors that come into play here. These factors need to be sorted and the issues resolved.This requires one-on-one time with the patients and their family and any aged care staff and care providers to see what the problem is and how that can be overcome.

For example, a mother brought her kid to a dental clinic for tooth extraction, she should make sure her daughter follows the postoperative instruction and take her medications prescribed by the dentist on time.

The Support Group

If the family is not going to support the patient to take the medicines, who will? Establish a connection of openness with them and find out to what degree they are involved. If they do not know, explain why they have prescribed the medicine in the first place.
This is patient empowerment and gives the rest of the family, friends and support group a reason to help make sure that the patient is taking their medication regularly. Also helping to show them when and how each medicine should be taken so that they help the patient remain on track.
Keep checking with the “support group” to see how well they are receiving the medicine schedule and whether they think it is right for the patient.

Dental Nurses

Trained dental professionals or nursing are assigned to a patient when they come in for a visit to the clinic. These nurses can sometimes administer the medicine directly or obey the dentist instruction on the care and use of drugs.

As a dentist, it’s up to you to take dental exam and treatment planning. That’s why history taking is very important in dentistry.And ask the nurse about what medicines and schedules are being followed by the patient and why. The dental nurse can help guide you and come up with the right course of action for your patients.

Pill Dispensers

Pill Dispensers are available at different store online and reliable suppliers out there. They are plastic containers with separate slots where medication can be kept. An alarm rings off when it is time for medicine. It even brings up the correct dose for different medications at different times.

The doctor can observe which medicines need replacement and refill them as necessary. It’s a very useful tool because patients stay on track with their medications.

Nursing Home Care and family dental care

If the patient is being or is already referred to a nursing home/family dental care, it is your duty as a nurse/dental nurse to stay in contact and with the follow-up appointment during nursing home to assess the medical and administration needs before any subsequent visits occur.
It’s very important to keep in touch and see how well your patients are following the medications plan. This requires effort on your part but is beneficial for the health of the patient.

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4 Ways to Ensure your Patients Don’t Miss Their Medications on Time
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