Is RN to BSN Degree Worth It? Eligibility and Career Pathways


Since 2020, the nursing industry has pushed every RN (registered nurse) to pursue a BSN (bachelor of science in nursing) degree to increase their capabilities and open new opportunities. There are various ways through which an RN can obtain a BSN degree. But the question here is, is it truly worth it? Let us find out!

What is RN to BSN Degree?

The RN to BSN degree is specifically designed for the nurses who have their registered nursing license and want to continue their education without having to leave their current jobs. These nurses have already obtained their ADN degrees and a bachelor’s degree could open new doors for them.

How Does The RN-BSN Program Work?

There are two ways one can achieve their BSN degree. First is through online programs, while the second way is to complete it in person often known as bridge programs. In these programs, nurses have already completed their basic training and therefore, an emphasis is placed on higher levels of training and advanced fields such as Nursing Ethics, Informatics in Nursing, Nursing Management and Leadership, Innovations in Healthcare,Community Health and a Capstone Course.

It is fairly possible that an online program for registered nurses to BSN would not require any clinical rotations but might ask of an RN to be working full time.

How Long Do The RN-BSN Programs Take?

The duration of the program can vary depending upon various factors such as the institute providing the course, the mode of education, the student’s personal capabilities/goals. However, the shortest time for obtaining the BSN degree ranges from 8-9 months. On the other side of the picture, it might take someone as long as 5 years to complete the same nine nursing courses. Besides, the average time for completing this course and obtaining a degree is 12 to 18 months.

How Much Does The RN-BSN Degree Cost?

The cost of the degree varies depending upon the institute, the state, total time for the completion of the course, and whether you are opting for an online RN to BSN program or an RN to BSN bridge program.

Discussing one end of the rope, you can expect tuition fees to range between $7000 to $11,000 per year. However, it can go as high as $20,000 to $35,000 per year based on the factors mentioned above. It is feasible for a student to choose an institute that offers a tuition lock throughout the course’s completion so that there is no per annum augment in the tuition fees.

What To Prefer, Online or Bridge Programs?

Both of these programs have their own prime focus and are suitable to different audience. Here’s a basic comparison of both for you to develop a more comprehensive understanding.

An Online Program for Registered Nurse to BSN is more suitable for working professionals who have a busy schedule and a job to work. It allows them more flexibility to take classes whenever their schedule permits. Moreover, they also have the opportunity to complete the course at their own pace to develop better applicable skills that will help them in the long run. An online RN-BSN program applicant must have an RN license along with a disciplinary background and no criminal record.

The bridge program is more suitable for those who completed ADN programs or are diploma RNs who now want to step up in their educational and career prospects. Although the bridge programs also place emphasis on online learning to provide learning flexibility to those who look after their families or tend to commitments, they also focus on in-person education and clinical rotations for a better and more apprehensive learning environment. The applicants of this program are required to have an RN license, an ADN Degree, and no criminal background.

Benefits of RN to BSN Degree

Although this program is a bit time-consuming and rather costly for many, it does have some serious benefits in one’s career. It expands your thinking capabilities and allows new opportunities in various fields to knock on your door. The BSN program doesn’t merely focus on nursing skills but also focuses on improving the student’s comprehensive capabilities and allows them to better assess health-related issues and practically apply solutions.

Career Opportunities With RN to BSN Program

BSN opens various new opportunities for you in fields you wouldn’t have tried to opt for before. This is one of the major reasons why every RN is pursuing a BSN degree. The skill enhancement that comes with the training allows you to get a greater chance of getting accepted at posts if you have a BSN degree rather than a simple ADN degree or RN license.

Besides, BSN nurses are said to be more competitive, skilled and highly capable of saving a patient’s lives as compared to RN nurses. Hence, as the industry pushes towards a qualification jump, it also prefers nurses who have BSN degrees.

Jobs for RN to BSN Degree Holders

There are a number of opportunities that open up for BSN holders. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Operating Room/Perioperative Nurse
  2. Critical Care/ICU Nurse
  3. Emergency Room Nurse
  4. Labor and Delivery Nurse
  5. Medical/Surgical Nurse
  6. Charge Nurse
  7. Case Manager
  8. Home Health Nurse
  9. Hospice Nurse
  10. Oncology Nurse
  11. Medical research
  12. Magnet Facilities
  13. Federal and military agencies
  14. Insurance companies
  15. Healthcare foundations and leading nursing organizations
  16. Minority nurse advocacy groups


A BSN degree is the initial step for MSN. It is becoming highly popular throughout the nursing industry and won’t be long before it becomes mandatory for a significantly greater percentage of jobs. Hence, it is better for an RN to pursue a BSN degree and avail of all the benefits that come along.

Besides, highly qualified nurses can also expect positions in management, policy reviewing and much more if they have a higher degree and would not have to be bedside nurses once they reach their 50s and 60s.

Cutting to the chase, we can conclude that an RN to BSN degree is totally worth it and if you’re also thinking of pursuing it, this should be your go-ahead sign.


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