How Rife Frequencies can help you in transforming yourself?


With the invention of Rife Machines, it became easier for doctors to find improvement in patients’ health with the electromagnetic waves. However, before you could draw any bottom line, let’s first learn about Rife frequencies and how they work. Rife machines are known for producing sound waves that can provide assistance in any disease. Dr Albert Abrams was the one on whose work the Rife machines were built. He believed that every disease can be cured with sound or radio waves because diseases also contain electromagnetic frequencies. So, these can be managed with the rife frequencies.

With a list of rife frequencies, you can instantly transform your mental health via vibrations similar to the ones needed while meditation. Rife machines are believed to improve the health of cancer patients, depressed people, or the ones dealing with anxiety issues. The frequencies have a unique way of transforming your health and body, mind, and soul. It is because the human body is sensitive and resonates with the sound and music frequencies. Above all, sound frequencies can affect our hormones to release stress and anxiety. The Qi Life Store has a bunch of great products that can help you improve your health. Anyone among the Rife Frequencies list can help you awaken your chakras and other body organs.

Rife frequencies for cancer patients

It is believed that every disease and medical condition has its own medical frequency. Rife machines use the same frequency that matches with the diseases' frequency and can add enhancements in cancer treatment. Many claim that rife frequencies can cure cancer, but it has not been approved by FDA. The rife frequencies can help in improving the wellness of cancer patients, but it is not a cure to it. Anyone can add frequencies to their ongoing treatment to add more good days to their life by staying close to positivity.

How can you include sound frequency in your wellness program?

You can choose frequencies that you think can resonate with your vibrations. Try using headphones to listen to these calm sounds. As per ancient wisdom, the sound frequencies of 432 HZ are believed to work for the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the home for love, warmth, joy, and frequencies that can strongly influence the heart and soul to assist with stress-relieving goals. Sound waves influence mental and spiritual health, and anyone can listen to these high-frequency sounds during sleeping or meditation.

You can buy rife machines to attract abundance and break down the blockages to positivity and mental peace. With this old quantum physics technique, you can support your brain, manifest your dreams, and keep your brain fit. The frequencies can transform your personality by enabling you to become more adaptable to cope up with any situation. Frequencies can help you feel more confident hence transforming your whole personality.


The ones who are looking to shed a few pounds can also add the frequencies into their fitness regime. These frequencies can surely assist you with your weight loss goal. If you are facing performance anxiety at the workplace, use rife machines and the different frequencies. These can help you by enhancing your working and learning capabilities, concentration, and problem-solving. With these frequencies, your mind becomes calmer and focused on the important things.

Qi Life Store has a Rife Frequencies list available that can help you boost and transform every single part of your body. You can buy rife machines and avail of any frequency that can help you to transform into an entirely different personality. Go and have a look at different frequencies available ta their website.


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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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