If your Hotpoint washing machine isn't functioning properly, ensure that the lid securely locks when it's closed. Examine any foreign objects that might have gotten stuck between the washer's tub and basket. Consider reducing the load size when doing laundry and confirm that the washing machine is receiving a sufficient power supply.

Discovering your clothes still soaked in water when you lift the washing machine's lid is never a pleasant experience. While there isn't a single definitive explanation for this issue, this article aims to provide guidance to help you identify the root cause and resolve the problem promptly.

Hotpoint Washer Not Spinning

The spinning function in every washing machine plays a crucial role in distributing water throughout the load and subsequently removing it from the washer. Without this cycle, we would consistently have a tub full of water and wet clothes.

If your Hotpoint washing machine isn't initiating the spin cycle, it's important to ensure that both the door and lock switches are properly engaged. These switches serve as safety features designed to prevent the spin cycle from commencing. Some washing machines may emit a beep or produce an audible locking sound when the door and lock mechanisms are engaged.

However, if the door and lock switches are indeed engaged but the spin cycle still refuses to start, here are several other potential causes to consider.

Uneven Load

An excessively large or imbalanced load can hinder the washing machine's ability to go into the spinning cycle. When you wash substantial, bulky items alongside smaller and lighter ones, the larger items can exert significant stress on the drum, impeding its ability to spin effectively.

In an attempt to restore balance, the washing machine may attempt to rectify the situation by agitating or shaking the drum. However, if these efforts prove unsuccessful, the washing machine will ultimately cease spinning altogether. In such cases, you will need to open the lid and manually rearrange the load to achieve proper balance.

Check Power Source

As previously mentioned, when a load becomes unbalanced, the washing machine will attempt to self-adjust, resulting in the drum rocking back and forth in a vigorous and noisy manner.

In some cases, when the washing machine has rocked itself back against the wall, it's possible that the power cord may have been inadvertently dislodged. To address this, make sure to firmly reinsert the power cord into the electrical outlet. If feasible, consider moving the washing machine a bit further away from the outlet to prevent this from happening again.

Hotpoint Washer Not Draining

Before the washing machine can initiate the spin cycle, it needs to complete the drainage of water from the drum. If you find that your laundry is still submerged in water, several potential reasons could be causing this issue.

If your Hotpoint washer is struggling with drainage, consider switching to a High-Efficiency detergent. Certain detergents can produce excessive suds, which may trigger the machine's sensors to erroneously perceive the drum as being too full. Consequently, this can prevent the machine from reaching a satisfactory spin cycle, leading to the retention of water in the drum.

Pros and Cons Hotpoint Washer


  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Simple and User-Friendly
  • Energy Efficiency


  • Limited Features
  • Noise Levels
  • Fewer Options
  • Customer Support

Differences Between Hotpoint Washer and KitchenAid Washer


Hotpoint washers often have more basic features and may lack some of the advanced technology and customization options found in premium brands.


KitchenAid washers are known for their advanced features, innovative technology, and customization options. They may offer a wider range of wash cycles and additional functions.

Alternative to Hotpoint Washer


Samsung washing machines come with innovative features such as Active WaterJet, Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT), and various wash cycle options. They are known for their modern design.

Drive Belt

The drive belt is wrapped around the motor drive pulley and the agitator drive shaft. As time passes, the belt can deteriorate, becoming either loose or eventually breaking. When the belt is damaged, it affects the ability of the drain pump to remove water from the washing machine.

Typically, as the belt deteriorates, you may notice squealing or squeaking noises, and there might even be a noticeable burning rubber smell.

Drain Pump

"The drain pump may get blocked or hindered by small objects accidentally left in clothing pockets, smaller pieces of clothing, or even hair. When the drain becomes obstructed, you may notice increased noise levels from the washing machine during the draining process.

To check for any potential blockages, remove the drain for inspection. If no obstructions are found, it may be necessary to replace the pump."

Drain Hose

The drain hose serves as the conduit for removing water from the washing machine. Examine the hose for any kinks, twists, or bends. Ensure that the hose remains straight and unobstructed."

Water Pump Belt

"Certain older Hotpoint washing machine models feature a water pump belt. This belt links the washing machine's motor to the water pump. If the belt is either loose or damaged, the washing machine will not be able to drain properly.

To ascertain whether your Hotpoint washing machine model is equipped with a water pump belt, refer to your owner's manual or conduct a brief online search using your specific Hotpoint washing machine model as the query."

Clogged Coin Trap

"This feature is also found in a select few Hotpoint models. The coin trap serves as a collector for small objects before they reach the drainage system. When the trap becomes blocked, it can impede the washing machine's drainage function. To address this problem, simply remove the trap and clean it, which should rectify the issue."

Hotpoint Washer Not Starting

"If your Hotpoint washing machine isn't initiating the wash cycle, the timer knob might be the source of the problem. If you've recently removed the knob, it's possible that it was reattached incorrectly, causing a mismatch between your chosen setting and the actual position of the knob."

Main Control Board

"Another potential reason for your Hotpoint washing machine failing to start is a faulty display panel. When the display panel is defective, it cannot transmit the necessary electrical signals to initiate the selected wash cycle. To address this issue, it's advisable to consult a qualified service technician who can diagnose and replace the control board as needed.

Thermal Fuse

"This is another safety feature incorporated into Hotpoint washing machines. Should the washer overheat, a fuse is designed to blow, instantly cutting off power to the machine. However, it's essential to note that the fuse will blow only once and must then be replaced.

If you find that the fuse has blown, it's crucial to conduct a thorough examination to identify the underlying cause for the fuse blowing. There may be an electrical issue that necessitates further investigation."


In conclusion, when faced with a Hotpoint washer that is not working, it's important to consider various potential causes and solutions. Whether it's issues with the drain system, timer knob, display panel, or safety features like fuses, diagnosing and resolving the problem can often be a straightforward process.

Regular maintenance and attention to detail, such as checking hoses, traps, and belts, can help prevent such problems. However, in cases where troubleshooting does not yield a solution, seeking assistance from a qualified service technician is a prudent step to ensure the efficient and safe operation of your Hotpoint washing machine. Remember that a little investigation and maintenance can go a long way in keeping your washing machine in good working condition.

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