5 Steps to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice?

Today, making money from your advertising to grow or boost your dental practice can be done through several process, but i will mention few  process. Each step is simple to understand, but it takes time and expertise to execute.

Grow your Dental practice



Step 1 – Find Something Good To Say: 

This is the strategic process of determining what will make you more appealing to prospective patients. What do you do that makes your quality of care and patient experience any better or different than your competitor’s? This almost always requires that you have a desire to be better than the competition in ways that your patients value.
For example
  • You can grow your dental practice through guest posting: You should post to a website that is relevant to your niche. Several days ago orthodontics dentist contact me and give me a details of one of the procedure done in orthodontist department in dental clinics, and mention some of the questions your patient might ask in their country. However questions may vary from country to country because some country have regulating body and have fix amount:
  1. How much does the procedure cost?
  2. Was the procedure done in a visit?
  3.  Is there any complication or discomfort?
  4. What are the precaution to take after the procedure is done?

For more information on guest posting, see,Orthodontics Treatment: Will clear aligners, like Invisalign, work for you?

  • Through direct advertising to a website that is relevant to your dental practice : For example you can contact a website owner that share similar information based on your practice and negotiate to offer you a page of advertisement (Sometime, this is a better choice because you pay low than some high advertisement company.

For more information on direct advertising, see my advertising page

Step 2 – Say It Very Well: 

Once you have found Something Good To Say, you need to Say It Well. Saying it very well demands that you make you unique and this have great advantages in your dental practice communicationsYou can’t expect people to take their time to go through your information to find the reasons they should choose you without proof or evidence.
Good marketing communications use tested methods and techniques proven to engage qualified prospects who are looking for what you offer. Get this wrong and it’s like flushing your money down the toilet; get it right and you are set up to maximize your return.

Step 3 – Say It all the time:  

Most money is wasted because the marketer skips steps 1 & 2 and jumps right in on  spending money to advertise. The fact is, you can get your dental practice at the top without wasting money by following the right methods have mentioned above.That’s the primary reason many dentists draw the conclusion that advertising doesn’t work; they spend money without a well defined strategy. But if you take the time to find the right agency that specializes in dental marketing or website to help you work through steps 1 and 2, you will be in control of your own dental practice and marketing strategy and develop a healthy appetite to “Say it all the time.”


 It is very important as a dentist to create education, awareness and development through various means:
  • Mobile dentistry - This deals with oral health education in the rural communities, deliver dental services through mobile dental vans or portable dental clinics in population centers, schools or hard to reach areas. Specific services offer by mobile dental programs may include dental diagnosis, education and dental sealants.
  • Teledentistry - This make use of information technology and telecommunications, for dental care, consultation, education, and public awareness. In addition with teledentistry, patients can have a virtual dental home in addition to a physical one.

Step 5 - Marketing blog for dentist

A blog we help you create your online presence for your dental practice and help you manage your mail, printing, scheduled appointment and so on.


Follow these 3 simple steps and you can join the club of those public health practitioners who enjoy the benefits of the ultimate leverage for business success – marketing. 

Many dentists hear about this 3-step process and ask if they should stop marketing their dental practice until they run through steps 1 and 2 above.That will depend on where you are now in terms of marketing. You may already Have Something Good To Say, but need help with How to Say It Well, or perhaps you already Say It Well, but need advice on how to choose the best media mix for your market to Say It Often. At Healthsoothe we help you assess where you are and implement a custom marketing plan that gets results.

If you have done this step above, and it has help your career and dental practice, share your experience by commenting.

Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RNhttps://www.healthsoothe.com
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