Five Important Benefits Of Having Live-In Homecare: Healthcare And Live-In Homecare


For seniors who wish to maintain their independent lifestyle, live-in homecare has soared in popularity in comparison to transitioning into a care home. The aged population can remain in the homes where they’re comfortable and familiar and within the neighbourhoods where they have established relationships.

This type of situation involves a carer or potentially two residing within your home on a full-time basis providing support to you and perhaps your spouse. Your typical lifestyle is maintained as much as possible with assistance, including retaining any pets that you may have.

Ultimately, the success of using a live-in homecare company is going to depend on the relationship that you develop with the person responsible for care. It is vital to try the arrangements for some time to see how you adjust to having an unfamiliar person residing with you. Their needs will be equally important as your house is now their new home.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Live-In Carer

For those who have a desire to remain in their home and live independently, a live-in carer is an ideal situation. This person has the training to assist with a variety of health conditions providing support for activities of daily living, personal care, and general companionship. The goal is to keep your life as familiar and comfortable as possible without the need to transition into an assisted living facility. It lends many benefits for seniors, one of which is their ability to stay at home. But there are other sides of the coin that need to be looked at when considering this option. Let’s look at both.

** Pros:

  • There will be one or more people entirely focused on attending to your care. Typically, in a live-in situation, there will be a team of two carers who share responsibilities for the dedicated attention of the individual or the couple. But the idea is, you will receive one-on-one support dedicated to you.
  • Moving in a transitional care facility can be placed on hold often indefinitely while you remain with all the things that are familiar and comforting to you. Most seniors have a preference to stay in their own house, surrounded by their stuff with friends and family nearby. Read here for an explanation on live-in homecare.
  • A carer who lives with you offers a sense of peace and security, knowing there is always someone available if something were to happen. The added advantage of having a companion to eliminate any potential for isolating or loneliness is a bonus. The right caregiver is going to engage and encourage your interest in hobbies and pastimes that may bring you joy so that these don’t have a risk of falling off. Doing these things with you elevates mood and enhances well being. If you have someone who doesn't mind transporting, you’ll be able to maintain friendships and socialize within the community.
  • Certain providers offer nursing staff for their residents as a means to provide specialized care for conditions including Parkinson’s, dementia, MS, stroke, or palliative care. Allowing attention in their home prevents the diseases from forcing them into assisted care facilities.
  • Many times, couples end up being separated within a residential setting as in an instance where one may have dementia. In a live-in-care situation, couples can remain together usually in a less costly scenario than what the residential facility can offer.

Five Important Benefits Of Having Live-In Homecare: Healthcare And Live-In Homecare

** Cons:

  • It can prove to be a challenge to find an individual with the ideal personality to mesh with you and the proper training to meet complex or demanding medical issues. Most of the live-in care organizations provide the utmost in training with carers who are highly qualified.
  • Some seniors enjoy the socialization that a residential facility offers, where there are always other people with whom they can engage. It may also be a welcome change to break away from the responsibility of a home, even if you have someone who is helping you to manage it.
  • The cost for live-in care can be high with someone residing in the home on a full-time basis, although state funding is a possibility based on eligibility. Fees for live-in care are potentially less than that of residential care, especially in the case of couples. They only pay one time for a carer but each pay when living in a care home.
  • A carer is going to be making themselves at home in the house, as this will be their sole residence. They will need a specific room that will be for them. Some seniors may find it difficult to adjust to someone unfamiliar taking up residence within their home, which could bring tension for the resident.
  • The carer that you come to know and grow comfortable with is going to need breaks and time off for themselves. In their absence, another person will fill in who may or may not do things to satisfy you or to take care of your needs as you’ve become accustomed. The live-in homecare company will provide the highest quality personnel with the necessary training for your specific needs. The carer you are familiar with may go above and beyond due to the relationship that you’ve developed. But it’s important to engage with the new person and find commonalities.

Depending on your situation and your personality will determine whether you are more apt to flourish in a live-in home care environment or thrive within a residential care facility. Each scenario is exclusive unto itself and can provide something that different seniors may find to be appealing for different reasons.

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