The average price of finding a reputable drug rehab in Asheville, NC

If you are considering sending yourself or a loved one to a treatment center to have help from substance abuse or alcoholism, then you need to make sure that you can find the ideal center that is in your price range, offers the right amenities, features personalized treatment programs, and has a knowledgeable staff. By coming up with the right place that can suit you or a loved one’s needs, you can maximize the chances they will be able to get healthy in the long run. Avoid relapse rates and choose a place that can suit your needs to increase the chance of a full recovery for the rest of your life.

But how much should you expect to send when finding a treatment center in your local area in North Carolina? How much should you set aside for treatment? Find out the average price of going to a treatment centre to get the help you need!

The average price of drug rehab in Asheville, NC

If you or a loved one needs help and recovery from substance abuse, addiction, or alcoholism, then you need to make sure you can afford the treatment center. But how can you find out the average price - what typically affects the price of drug rehab in Asheville, NC?

Some of the most common factors that can affect how much you will pay for inpatient or outpatient treatment include the type of facility. For example, most inpatient treatment centers cost more than outpatient facilities due to the included amenities, housing, 24/7 care, and other services that are not available to other patients.

In addition, the location and size of the facility can impact the price of drug rehab in Asheville, NC. if your facility is located in the middle of nowhere and does not have convenient links to Asheville, it might cost less - but the convenience factor suffers. In addition, if the size of the facility is sprawling, has numerous acres, plenty of rooms, and many free spaces, it can end up costing more - but you will also be able to enjoy a larger area to explore.

The next factor that can influence the price of drug rehab in Asheville, NC is the amount and the types of treatments provided. If there are no personalized treatment plans and just group therapy, the price will be lower, but it can be less effective. For places that include personalized programs, detoxification help, and aftercare, the price of drug rehab in Asheville, NC will be more expensive.

The final factor that can influence the price of drug rehab in Asheville, NC is the length of the program. If you go for 30days, it will cost less than going to an inpatient facility for 90 days.


Although the price of drug rehab in Asheville NC can vary depending on the aforementioned factors, the standard inpatient treatment for substance abuse or alcoholism costs between $15 and $30,000 for a 30-day program, where outpatient programs are typically less expensive at around $100 to $500 per session.


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