How to Find the Best Gym Management Software


Gym management software is a must-have tool for fitness studio owners. It allows you to optimize a lot of the daily tasks required of gym owners, and better software systems even offer features to attract more customers to your location.

Continue reading the article below to find out how to find the best gym management software that fits your needs.

Do Your Research on the Industry

The gym management software industry is rapidly growing and highly competitive. There are many options to choose one; right now, the most significant player in the field is Mindbody. However, they might not suit you, and their customer reviews indicate that people are looking elsewhere for their gym management needs.

The gym management software you choose will go a long way in determining the quality of service you provide to your members and, ultimately, the success of your business. You must do the appropriate research on Mindbody alternatives to find one that suits your business. Consider what your current members want out of their gym, and consider how you plan on attracting more people to join. Below are some key features you should look for when deciding.

Features to look for:

Flexible Scheduling Features

Every gym owner can appreciate the struggle of planning events and classes around your gym peak periods. To stay afloat, gym owners will always sign more members than they can legally hold in the building at once, with the idea that they won’t all show up at once. However, this does create scenarios during peak periods, such as right after work, where a gym can be incredibly busy.

Unfortunately, this is also when the members will want to enroll in classes and personal trainers. Your gym scheduling software should allow you to make flexible schedules to accommodate their wishes and manage these peak periods.

Allows For Multiple Membership Options

To attract the most customers possible, you need a wide variety of membership options to meet different needs and wants. Gym membership software not only offers added features that you can submit to your members, like online classes, training videos, and branded apps on the app store. It also lets you create distinct membership tiers so the people who aren’t interested in these features don’t have to pay for them, while you can still charge the people who do.

Helps You Create and Broadcast Digital Content

Sometimes your members can’t make it to the gym, but they still want to get their workout in. With gym management software, you can live stream classes and create an on-demand library so your members can still be part of your gym from home.

The Right Gym Management Software Makes All The Difference In The World

Gym management software not only helps handle day-to-day tasks but goes a long way in boosting the customer service you can offer your memberships. And as any gym owner will tell you, customer service is the number one priority for any gym.


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