Five Ways AIS Healthcare is Helping Patients Gain Control of Their Lives

When it comes to helping patients gain control of their lives, AIS Healthcare is at the top of the list of pharmacy providers doing everything they can and more. After all, AIS Healthcare’s singular goal is to make people’s lives better, putting all its energy into being the best that it can be so that its patients thrive. The safest specialty pharmacies, patient-centric infusion care, highly trained nurses, accessible in-home care, responsive customer service and everything else in between — that’s what AIS Healthcare does. Not only does AIS Healthcare put patient safety first, providing treatments including targeted drug delivery (TDD) and infusion therapies, it comes directly to your home and gives you all the extra support you need.

Here are five ways AIS is helping patients gain control of their lives.

1. AIS Healthcare puts the patient’s safety first.

As a leading provider of customized medicines and services, AIS Healthcare puts patient safety first in everything it does. But AIS Healthcare goes the extra mile, providing medications of the absolute highest quality in the safest way possible.

AIS Healthcare’s specialty pharmacies are overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are inspected regularly by various state boards of pharmacy.

These specialty pharmacies have undergone a rigorous accreditation process by URAC — an independent non-profit organization that ensures patients receive quality healthcare. URAC’s role is to set the highest goals in healthcare quality and safety, and its accreditation is the gold standard. To achieve the accreditation, AIS Healthcare had to prove it meets industry requirements to produce medications of the highest quality and sterility. AIS Healthcare is also accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) giving patients even more confidence that they are being provided the best care possible.

AIS Healthcare’s pharmacies use a unique process combining two types of sterilization to achieve unprecedented sterility assurance. Aseptic processing is used to sterilize the patient-specific medications dispensed by AIS Healthcare’s TDD team. The process has multiple 0.22-micron sterilizing-grade filtration steps that ensure medication sterility goes well beyond the prescribed guidelines for preparing sterile solutions.

Next, AIS Healthcare uses a process called terminal sterilization — a process designed to sterilize medications in their final container. To do this, AIS Healthcare uses a proprietary heat and steam terminal sterilization process to eradicate all theoretical bioburdens without compromising the medication’s potency or purity. Since this process happens after the drug is in the syringe, there’s no risk of further contamination from human handling post-sterilization.

2. AIS Healthcare comes to your home.

There’s nowhere more comfortable and convenient to be than your own home, especially when dealing with a medical condition that requires recurring therapies. That’s why AIS Healthcare comes directly to you.

For instance, for home infusion care offered by the company’s Advanced Infusion Care (AIC) team, dedicated nurses are on hand to provide personalized, in-home care to patients nationwide. All of AIC’s nurses are fully certified, comprehensively trained, and committed to doing more 1 to provide their patients with the best possible care in the place most convenient to them — their own homes.

Through Home Connect, AIS Healthcare’s highly trained TDD nurses also provide comprehensive in-home care services to their patients, including in-home pump refills and maintenance.

AIS Healthcare’s nurses hold certifications in pain management as well as infusion care and TDD, and they put the patient’s safety first. AIS Healthcare’s nurses wear special personal protective equipment and follow all the necessary federal and state safety guidelines, as well as recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These nurses are there for the well-being of their patients. Like AIS Healthcare’s pharmacies, its nursing services have been accredited by the top independent industry accreditors — URAC and ACHC — which means they’re proven to meet high industry standards to deliver best-in-class care to their patients.

3. AIS Healthcare gives you all the support you need.

AIS Healthcare operates state-of-the-art specialty pharmacies that put patient safety first and have highly trained nurses who provide unparalleled in-home or in-office care. But that’s not where AIS Healthcare’s dedication to its patients stops. The whole company is geared toward helping patients gain control of their lives.

AIS Healthcare’s TDD and AIC divisions both work closely with your doctor to ensure you are getting the exact treatment you need. No matter whether you need TDD or infusion care, AIS Healthcare works directly with patients, insurance companies, and physicians’ offices to secure all the authorizations required and to complete all the necessary paperwork.

AIS Healthcare also provides 24/7 customer service that includes patient education, care coordination, medication management, and more. The company’s Care Connect service offers phone-based care management that not only acts as an extension of a physician’s practice but helps patients thrive. Through Care Connect, a specially trained team assists patients between appointments, offering the access, communication, and confidence they need.

With a 95% patient satisfaction rate, Care Connect helps patients optimize pre-refills and provides quality of life assessments. Patients have access to billing and insurance support, as well as health education and community resource information.

Like Home Connect’s nurses, AIS Healthcare’s Clinic Connect nurses put the patient first, working as an extension of a physician’s team in their office. Clinic Connect nurses do everything from managing pump refills to scheduling visits for pump patients. They order medications and help manage documents care by using an electronic health record system. These professionals obtain lab results and coordinate care for their patients. Whatever the patient’s need, Clinic Connect nurses are there for them.

4. AIS Healthcare provides TDD to manage severe chronic pain and spasticity.

For many people who suffer from severe chronic pain and spasticity, TDD is literally a lifesaver. Treating certain injuries or conditions requires medications customized for a specific patient. People who have gone through failed treatments, including surgeries, oral opioids, and other options, utilize TDD to better manage their pain. People living with Multiple Sclerosis and spasticity – abnormal muscle tightness from prolonged muscle contraction – also find TDD a much more effective long-term treatment for their condition. Instead of having patients take medications orally, TDD uses pumps to deliver pain medicine intravenously to the patient’s body. TDD focuses the medication to where the body needs it and significantly reduces the risk of misuse that comes with oral opioids.

AIS Healthcare annually produces more than 140,000 prescriptions – that’s around 550 every day. Through its TDD division, AIS Healthcare serves more than 34,000 pump patients nationwide. Over 40 pharmacists are dedicated to the preparation of these important medications, and more than 190 highly trained TDD nurses support AIS Healthcare patients. From its industry-leading pharmacies, AIS Healthcare can ship medication with overnight delivery to all 50 states.

5. AIS Healthcare supports patients with immunodeficiencies.

Infusion therapies are an important way to treat a range of diseases. For instance, plasma infusion therapies are used to treat medical conditions such as lung problems, excessive bleeding or clotting, autoimmune diseases, and genetic disorders. For many people living with these conditions, infusion therapies help them to manage their treatments effectively and live life to the fullest.

When patients recuperate from certain illnesses, their blood and plasma are still full of the antibodies that fought the illness — proteins called immunoglobulins. Through infusion therapies, functional antibodies are passed to people currently managing chronic health conditions using a treatment known as intravenous replacement therapy.

AIS Healthcare’s AIC team helps thousands of Americans daily to live their lives to the fullest by providing them with infusion therapies at home. AIC’s dedicated nurses and staff members work closely with physicians to provide care that puts patients first.

AIC is constantly striving to bring its patients more ways to live their lives to the fullest. Just recently, AIC began offering GAMMAKED™, a treatment that helps people fight immunodeficiency diseases affecting over half a million people in the United States, and LEQEMBI™ 2 for the treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

These five examples show how AIS Healthcare goes beyond what is expected to advance quality and improve the lives of everyone they serve.


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