Everyone might have experienced having red or irritated eyes at least once in their lives. And although in most cases, they’re not pretty alarming or life-threatening, it's essential to know the proper ways to handle your eyes to ensure that the problem is alleviated. There are many causes for this, ranging from allergies, overtired eyes, irritation, or aftereffects of drinking alcohol.

Fortunately, there are many viable remedies to resolve your bloodshot eyes. If there's throbbing pain involved, it's crucial to visit your ophthalmologist as early as possible. Otherwise, you can use over-the-counter treatment and essential eye-calming solutions to keep your eyes looking normal and perfect.

Here are some practical ways to soothe eye redness or irritation if you ever experience them:

1. Visit Your Eye Doctor

For red eyes that have been irritated for a long period of time, it's best to consult an eye specialist. Eye redness should be gone for a short while, but if on an off chance that they won't, it's wise to visit your eye doctor. They know what topical or oral medicines are more effective in your case, and they can perform any eye inspection to spot the issue if needed.

Identifying what triggers your eye irritation and prescribing targeted treatment for it is the job of your eye specialist. The key is to not wait long before visiting your physician, as this will only worsen your red-eyed situation. They also help you become more protected from common eye issues and help you get educated about the cause of eye floaters or other eye diseases.

Eye Redness

2. Apply Warm Compress

One of the easiest tricks to rid of red or irritated eyes is to improve circulation around them, which can be achieved by applying a warm compress. You most likely own a cooling or warming pack on your first aid kit at home, so use the warm one and apply it to your eye area. This should be able to reduce inflammation if you have one. Heat therapy is known to unclog your oil glands, which alleviates swelling if your eyes become red due to it.

If you use a warm compress, you should ensure it is clean and retains heat. The best tool is to use a pack that's refillable with warm water so you can change the content as needed. There are microwavable warm packs that can efficiently provide warm comfort to your skin around the eyes. Ensure to apply the compress for enough time, as you don't want to overheat your eye area and irritate the skin part. A maximum of 10 minutes should be enough after your shower.

3. Take A Rest From Screen Time

One cause of red-eye can be related to your screen time. The overuse of gadgets like computers, smartphones, and tablets exposes your eyes to the radiation of the screens. Your eyes' blink rate becomes less frequent, which dries up your eyes. Too much screen time also makes your eyes feel tired. Therefore, if you have red eyes due to a whole night of computer work or movie-binging, the best solution is to forego your digital tools for some days.

Have a digital detox and stay away from any tech tools that emit ionizing radiation. However, if your work doesn’t allow you to have a digital detox, the best way to alleviate your red eyes is to take a break once in a while. You can also increase your blink rate or look away from the computer or screen every few minutes.

When the eyes are dry, the body's response is to increase the permeability of the blood vessels, which results in redness. You can invest in a radiation protector for your laptop and computer screens, or wear some blue light or anti-rad eyeglasses to help retain moisture in your eyes. All in all, limit your screen time so it can also improve your sleep quality.

4. Wash Your Lashes And Lids Carefully

If your eyes are red due to allergies or irritation, this might be caused by some elements or bacteria that have been stuck inside. The best way to resolve this is to carefully wash your lashes and eyelids. Secure the base of your lashes, and feel through your fingertips if there are any irritants on the surface. Perhaps some makeup residue would attract dust and other variables which can trigger irritation.

Your eyelashes and lids can have buildups of oils, makeup remnants, and other things which can penetrate your eyes and cause redness. A good practice is to wake up in the morning and wash your face with lukewarm water. Spend some time cleaning your eyes, and use a washcloth if needed. Don't rub your eyes, as this will only lead to more irritation. Gently pat and wipe your clean fingers on the lash line and lids to ensure that there are no irritants.

You can also use a hypoallergenic facial wash to rid of all the dirt that can be found on your face, which might go to your eyes. Improved eyelid hygiene can decrease several causes of eyelid inflammation. Another way to clean your eyelids and the lash area is to use a clean Q-tip or cotton swab. Also, when wearing eye makeup, ensure to clean and remove them before going to sleep.

5. Use Eyewear

If you have sensitive eyes and they go red for some reason, it's only best to make more efforts to prevent them from happening in the first place. One way is to wear the proper eyewear like eyeglasses or sunglasses. Wearing eyewear can shield your eyes from dust, air, and other external elements that cause irritation and red eyes. Especially when going outdoors with direct sunlight penetrating your vision, wear the best UV-protected sunglasses you can find.

6. Refrain From Blowing Air To Your Eyes

Another thing to look out for is your air-emitting appliances. You could be sitting next to the fan, air conditioner, or ventilation system. The air from these devices can dry up your eyes and cause redness. Red eyes can be avoided by removing yourself from the cause of the irritation. So, avoid sitting next to these appliances when you lounge at home.


Redness in the eyes can be treated with the simple techniques mentioned above. But this could be case to case, so you must visit an eye doctor when the redness continues. Your eye health is crucial, so you should take care of your eyes, wash them properly, remove eye makeup or other irritants, and avoid too much screen time.


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