5 Reliable Sources to Buy THC Vape Pen Canada


Finding the perfect THC vape store is no easy task, even after the legalization of cannabis products. You can choose from the various online and physical retail stores available in Canada. If you wish to use THC vapes and want a trusted buyer, you can explore your options.

We have compiled a list of five ideal stores that customers adore. Stores like Get Kush and more will become your ultimate stop for all THC products in the future. Their range of THC vapes and other products will fit your preference.

What Are THC Vape Pens?

THC vape pens are disposable or reusable vaping equipment with THC. Such THC is a compound found in marijuana plants with medical benefits. However, THC also has some psychoactive effects on the user.

THC comes from marijuana, and many articles have explored its benefits for the users. It has distinct medical benefits like pain alleviation, anxiety reduction, etc. Additionally, vape pens are some of the most popular equipment among users.

Due to the quick and efficient delivery of the compound, users choose it over other products. Since vape pens are safer than smoking THC, they make a better product. They deliver all benefits of the compound just as well as any other product.

Best Sources to Purchase THC Vape Pens in Canada

The perfect Canada THC store must have some features ideal for users. Features like affordable prices, deals, various strains, and more make a store worth visiting. Other benefits like customer reviews and trusted brands help users find relevant products.

So here we have our list of five THC vape stores in Canada. These online stores provide the best services to their customers and have received much praise for the same:

Get Kush

Get Kush is an online store providing high-quality cannabis products in Canada. Their ideal customer service has given way to numerous positive reviews from their customers.

Get Kush offers THC vape pens in a wide variety for users. You can choose between disposable and reusable pens and get multiple strains of THC. Plus, they have offers going around almost always to help you save a few extra bucks.


  • Free shipping on purchases exceeding $129 and a gift on your purchases
  • Affordable prices on trusted products
  • Top brands available like Faded, Straight Goods, etc.

Green Society

Green Society is another top spot for weed- with thousands of reviews from happy customers. You can buy many THC vape pens at the store and browse their collection. They have a better group of reusable vape products than disposable ones.

They also have many sales during the holiday seasons to save you more money. Their website makes it easy for the customers to place orders and get their desired products.


  • Cashbacks, bundle deals and offers regularly
  • Top brands available like Faded, Golden Monkey, etc.
  • Fast delivery with discreet packaging

Buds and Beyond

With some of the most well-known brands and a wide range of products, Bud and Beyond is another THC store. Their online store has various THC vape products, including disposables and reusable products.

Vapes are the fastest-acting THC products, and this store provides many strains for customers. You can enjoy additional benefits like offers and coupon codes at checkout.


  • Free shipping on purchases exceeding $200 and ree gift on your purchases
  • Daily deals and offers for visitors
  • Top brands available like Astro Quad, Elevate, etc.

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding blue pen


Weedsmart, another customer-loved brand in Canada, has its fair share of quality products. On their website, you can find many trusted brands and numerous strains. The thousands of positive reviews only add to their reliability. Plus, you get to enjoy added benefits like a referral bonus and other offers. Their website is also easy to browse through and find the desired products.


  • Diverse strains and flavors are available
  • Top brands available like Faded, Westcoast Extract, etc.
  • Gift on your purchases

Swift Green

This online store in Canada is one of the newer brands but still promising. It has positive user reviews on Trustpilot and brings a range of THC vapes. You can find all strains and types of vape pens on the website. They also give out gifts and goodies with their order as an added benefit. If you're ordering in some Vancouver area, you can get your order within hours.


  • Free shipping on purchases exceeding $150 and gifts on purchases
  • Top brands available like Diamond Concentrates, Straight Goods, etc.
  • Discreet and quick delivery of products


Not knowing the best product is understandable if you're new to vaping THC. You must be looking for a trusted seller to get your vape products. Aspects like affordability, reviews, and variety can be a headache.

But we have done the hard work for you and brought some top online THC retailers. These stores specialize in all cannabis products, including THC vape pens. You can visit the websites to get the top products and have a splendid THC experience.


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