4 Things to Know Before You Take Shrooms


The increased number of journalistic articles and clinical studies about psychedelics indicates that drugs like mushrooms are becoming more popular in Western society. After being banned for decades, attitudes are softening as people look for deeper meaning wherever they can find it.

Finally, years of negative stigmas are fading, and as they do, people can safely enjoy some of the most meaningful experiences of their lives. Before you take shrooms, here are four things you should know.

Microdosing or Dosing?

If you take a tenth of a gram of mushrooms, your experience will almost in no way resemble what it’s like taking one or more grams. “Microdosing” helps people’s mood improve and their focus increase, but it’s known as a sub-hallucinatory dose.

Taking one or more grams leads to a substantially different experience, the one that people usually mean when they refer to “shrooming” or psychedelics. The following advice applies mostly to such dosages.

Be Careful with Your Dose

If you are new to mushrooms, begin with a low amount and only increase it gradually when and if you feel comfortable. Be certain about the amount you’re consuming. You can find a legal dispensary for mushrooms that sells pre-packaged capsules with a specific dose in them or weigh the mushrooms before consuming them at home.

So long as you make an informed decision about how much to take, and you know for sure that’s what you’re consuming, you’ll be good.

Be with Experienced Friends

Whether your trip is perfect or contains a rough patch, you’ll be glad you took shrooms with a friend who has taken them before. However your feeling, you’ll be able to relate it to someone with a frame of reference for the experience that will be very new to you, and you’ll surely find comfort in that.

Then, afterwards, you can reflect back on this shared experience together. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to describe a mushroom trip to somebody who wasn’t there with you at the time.

Indoors and Outdoors

Many people feel the urge to venture outside and explore the natural world around them. For this reason, it’s great to try shrooms in a picturesque landscape if possible. If you have access to a cottage or somewhere with undisturbed nature, that’s even better. A city park is great, too!

You should also have a safe fallback location indoors if the weather turns, or you simply prefer being indoors. When the peak gives way, and you start to come down, there’s nothing like coming back in from a quest or adventure to curl up on the couch and watch a great flick.

So long as you appreciate and respect the potency of psychedelic drugs and handle them accordingly, they can provide unbelievable moments of relief, joy and connection to the world around you. Be responsible and safe and remember the tips above, and you and whoever is fortunate enough to join you should have a wonderful psychedelic experience.


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