What are the top hearing aids to use for tinnitus?

A specific kind of hearing loss often causes tinnitus, so relying on hearing aids is a big part of symptom management. Sometimes, tinnitus clears up by itself, but tinnitus is a stable condition for nearly 10% of Americans. Tinnitus is different from hearing loss in that it is a condition stemming from hearing sounds that have no external stimulus of noise. Hearing loss, however, is a condition where sounds are too difficult to be processed by the brain. Although they are each different, they overlap, so many of the treatments used to manage tinnitus also treat hearing loss. The most common form of treatment for both is through hearing aids. Today, digital hearing aids that are rechargeable have features that were not available in the past. Here are the top hearing aids to consider as you manage symptoms.

The best hearing aids for tinnitus are those that feel like smart technology more than they do hearing aids. Finding a product that is as fun as it is functional will make it easier for you to adjust to tinnitus management. These first two hearing aid brands are designed with tinnitus management in mind:

Hearing Aids for Tinnitus


 1. Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio:

Phonak hearing aids for tinnitus help your brain teach itself to blend head noise into the distance. Phonak emphasizes relief over management with their three-pronged process. The hearing aids offer a noise generator, sound therapy options, and smartphone adaptations for convenience. Top sellers include Lyric, Bolero, and Audio.

Siemens/Signia Tinnitus: These hearing aids have tinnitus therapy built into the technology. Included is a pre-programmed therapy signal that allows you to select your sound preference as well as four ocean wave options for sound therapy. These customizable options are featured in all of their products, with popular sellers including Carat, Motion, and Ace.

The last two brands include tinnitus management into their design but are also applicable for those with hearing loss. Here are the Tips for Better Hearing

 2. Oticon Tinnitus Sound Support

This brand offers a selection of different hearing aids that include tinnitus management technology built into the devices. Many of the options are smartphone adjusted, so you can use the app to organize and schedule your sound therapy easily. These hearing aids offer additional sound therapy options, including ocean-themed noise and white noise for soothing effects.

 3. Starkey Hearing Technologies

This brand has three devices available for purchase, and each offers customizable options for ultimate symptom reduction. You can adjust the volume to your preferences, and rest assured knowing that the technology allows for all-day relief. Depending on your specific symptoms, tinnitus management can be assisted with the new Muse, the SoundLens, or the Halo 2, from Multiflex Tinnitus Technology.

If you are open to the possibility of your condition clearing up on its own, consider options that provide brain training technologies. Hearing aids with meditative features such as white noise and ocean sounds are additional aspects that may make sound therapy more enjoyable and more applicable to you. Consider your personal preferences and select the hearing aid that is right for you.


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