Are you seeking a solution to make your smile more attractive? If yes, then a Bellevue orthodontist is best for you. They’re modern, digital clinic for personalized orthodontics offers a wide range of braces options to suit your specific needs.

Braces are used to correct misalignment issues like crowding (too many teeth crammed into one jaw), overbite (your top teeth stick out past your bottom teeth), underbite (your bottom teeth stick out past your top teeth), open bite (the space between two sets of teeth is too wide), crossbite (when some or all of your top teeth overlap with some or all of your bottom.

At a dental office like Bellevue orthodontist, their experienced orthodontists will help you choose the right treatment plan for your teeth and budget. They offer the following braces:


Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are the most common braces out there, and they come in two different varieties: metal and ceramic. They work by gently pulling on your teeth to move into place over time gradually. They help straighten your teeth and align them perfectly for a beautiful smile.

Digital Braces

This is a digital 3D printing system that allows the orthodontist to design how your smile should look at the end of treatment. The orthodontist can then transfer this information to a 3D printer, which creates a model of your teeth and gums that serves as a guide during treatment. This means no more guesswork with fitting your braces!

Clear Aligners

At Bellevue orthodontist clinic, they offer aligners made of clear plastic that's virtually invisible. These aligners can straighten your teeth with no metal brackets or wires. They’re made in a lab, and you can take them out at night when you sleep or if you're eating something sticky. They also allow us to treat your entire mouth at once rather than one tooth at a time so that we can get through your treatment much faster.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are excellent for those who desire a more discrete treatment strategy because they’re hidden behind your teeth. Lingual braces have wires placed on the lingual surface of the tooth, which reduces visibility but still provides exceptional results.

Hidden braces work in the same way as other braces, relying on the interaction of brackets and wires to apply gentle, consistent pressure to move teeth into their ideal positions. Belleview orthodontist offers lingual braces hidden behind the teeth and are great for adults and teens who don’t want metal braces but still want to have that perfect smile.

Get the Beautiful Smile You Deserve

You deserve to smile with confidence! So go to a dental office that has the experience to get the results you want. Bellevue orthodontist offices understand how important it is to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror. They’re dedicated to providing you with the greatest quality of orthodontic care and expertise available.They’re top-notch staff will take care of everything from start to finish.



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