Why Mental Health Awareness Is On The Rise

In the past, the issues caused by mental problems and disabilitieshave been stigmatized and were never recognized as a true cause for concern. Phrases like “man up” and “get over it” have been used to minimize the mental issues that many people today face such as depression and anxiety. It is estimated that around 6% of the adult population worldwide currently suffers from depression. That is close to 500 million people.

Throughout our history the stigmas and unreliable information that people based their perceptions of mental health on led to some of the most harmful and unscientific treatments known to man. From skull drilling to electro-shock therapy, these treatments were extremely dangerous, but they were falsely believed to help people who “did not fit into society”. None of these treatments have proper medical backing

Whether you suffer from even mild depression, or in more extreme cases bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or anxiety, or if you know someone who battles with problems such as these, then you know how much acknowledgment of your problems and empathy matters. In situations such as these, the best thing people can do is listen and empathize. It can also be helpful to remind anyone that’s struggling that staying in control of their thoughts is important. The negative thoughts they’re experiencing do not own or define them and keeping their emotions under control will help them to see more clearly. Meditation is a great way to help alleviate negative thoughts and unnecessary anxiety, and to regain a feeling of control.

A Change In Attitude

Physical health has always been easy to understand and improve. Exercise and dieting are sure-fire ways to improve your physical health, and eating fast food every day is sure to make you less physically healthy. It’s never been quite that simple with mental health, and it’s been a struggle for the scientific community to understand, diagnose and help people who suffer from mental illness. But as we learn more, and as awareness begins to spread amongst the common populations, we are continuing to make big strides into understanding how to properly deal with these issues. Our comprehension of these issues has grown so much that it is now understood how something as simple as furniture help to build positive mental health environments.

After centuries and centuries of degrading and disrespectful treatment of the mentally unwell, the stigmas surrounding the illnesses are starting to dissipate. Newer generations are now born into a world that understands the mental plight of the everyday person and is more empathetic to the needs of such people. Actors, musicians, and celebrities around the world are now starting to realize the role that they could potentially play in making the world a better place. Many high profile personalities are raising awareness of these issues, sharing their struggles, and donating to charities that have pledged themselves to help the mentally ill.

A Positive Move

Therole that mental health plays in the general wellbeing of every single human being is now largely accepted around the globe. It is accepted that if you are struggling mentally, these struggles can easily spread to every other part of your life and can affect your job, your relationships, and even your physical wellbeing. Everything is linked, and awareness about the importance of mental health issues is now becoming commonplace. Caring for your and others mental health is no longer taboo, it’s becoming celebrated and expected – and this can only be a positive thing.


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