How Do Water Pipes Work?

What is a water pipe

Nowadays, many people have started to enjoy smoking different types of cannabis and herbs - such as weed, pot, marijuana, tobacco, and others. As people started to become more fond of smoking, companies and designers started to come up with numerous types of products that are used to smoke these herbs.

One of these products is the glass water pipe, which consists of numerous components, all of which are used to provide the best smoking experience for users. However, some people became cautious of the health risks that glass water pipes can bring upon, and for that, companies came up with the solution of the glass recycled water pipe, which has fewer health risks compared to the regular ones. The Tsunami glass recycler water pipe has proven to provide benefits such as a smoother smoking experience for users. On the other hand, these types of glass water pipes have the advantage of being produced using high-quality glass - which prolongs the life cycle of the glass water pipe.

Thus, before investing in a glass water pipe - commonly known as a bong - ensure to do research and understand whether the one you intend to purchase provides you with many benefits.

Different types of water pipes and how to choose the right one

As mentioned above, there are numerous types of water pipes, and understanding how each is used is important.

The glass water pipe is the most commonly used type by smokers as it provides a smoother smoking experience and is easy to clean.

Some people prefer to use pipes made out of copper as it provides a more luxurious experience due to its cost. However, it is important to understand that since smoking using pipes requires water, the water can negatively affect it - causing the copper to rust over time.

Besides the materials used to create a bong, they have different designs. For instance, the beaker bongs are designed to hold more water, which has provided people with a cooler smoke hit. People who are not keen on spending a lot of money on a bong tend to use the acrylic bong; however, their smoking experience will not be as satisfactory compared to using a glass water pipe, and thus, it should be considered before the purchase.

There are hundreds of other combinations and types of pipes that people use to smoke cannabis and herbs. Thus, when it comes to choosing which type will be the most beneficial for you should be based on your budget, preferred material, and the size of the pipe.

What are the components of water pipe

Even though some pipes might have different components that add to the quality of the tool, every bong needs to have the following to provide people with the right smoking experience.

  1. Bowl
  2. Downstem
  3. Water Chamber
  4. Mouthpiece
  5. Air Vent

How does each component of a water pipe operate

People are required to understand how to use the tool to use a glass water pipe or any other type of bong that has a similar shape to the glass water pipe.

First, ensure all the materials are ready, then start by grinding the herbs to insert them inside the bowl piece. After the grinding is complete, fill the water chamber with water.

Now that the water chamber is filled, you can carefully insert the bowl piece into the pipe to assemble the bong.

After the bong is assembled, you can start slowly lighting it. However, during this step, you need to be careful not to burn the herbs as it will degrade the flavor of the cannabis and not provide the same amount of satisfaction.

When you see that the cannabis is well-lit, start to slowly inhale the smoke using the mouthpiece. The smoke will go towards the water chamber, where it will be cooled off, and then come out through the mouthpiece, where you will be able to inhale it completely. Once you feel that the amount of smoke you have inhaled is enough, you can exhale it outside your body and enjoy the flavor it provides.

Ensure to regularly clean and do maintenance on the water pipe

After using the bong or the water pipe, some people do not consider cleaning the tool as an important task. However, cleaning the pipe is one of the most essential steps in guaranteeing a more accurately flavored smoking experience.

The reason behind this is that the smoke will oftentimes cause residue to build up inside the pipe, which will grow to become molds if not maintained and cleaned. Thus, ensure to regularly clean the pipe to decrease the chances of mold collecting onto the pipe and putting your health at risk due to inhaling toxins collected inside the molds.


To conclude, water pipes are a commonly used tool to smoke different types of herbs. Thus, ensure to invest in the right one and clean it regularly to prolong the tools’ life-cycle.


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Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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