A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Dentist in Plantation


Have you recently moved to Plantation? Are you perhaps not satisfied with the service of your current dentist? Even though most people neglect the importance of choosing a reliable practitioner, dentists are the most crucial partners of people in maintaining excellent oral health.

Poor oral health boosts the risk of suffering from severe diseases, such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, even cancer. Every person is supposed to make a lifelong commitment to maintaining their teeth healthy and bright. An established dentist can help you keep your gums, teeth, and mouth healthy at all times. There is a myriad of dental practices in Plantation, such as https://www.wholelifedental.com/, providing comprehensive care.

The guide below will help you find the right practitioner.

Choose a type of dentist

The initial thing to consider when looking for a dentist in Plantation is the type of dental services you need. Your decision should be based on your oral health condition and the dental problem you’re coping with. The largest part of dental practitioners consists of general dentists, focusing on the overall oral health of patients and dental hygiene.

Moreover, these practitioners are experts in restorative dentistry, including dental implants, bridges, bonding, dentures, inlays, outlays, etc. They also provide services related to cavity fillings and other treatments concerning tooth decay. A general dentist performs dental checkups, emergency exams, oral cancer screenings, teeth-cleaning treatments, and fluoride treatments.

In addition, general dentists are also capable of performing simple tooth extractions, dental x-rays, and some cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening. These practitioners are the right choice when looking for standard dental treatments and procedures.


A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Dentist in PlantationIf having problems with your gums and the tissues in charge of teeth support, choosing a periodontist would be the best decision. The role of these practitioners is to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases that affect the function and health of the tissue structure. Periodontists perform routine and deep cleaning services in patients dealing with gum inflammation. Deep cleaning is usually recommended for individuals experiencing excessive bleeding. Click here to learn more about the job of periodontists.

One of the leading services periodontists offer is the treatment of gum disease in the early and advanced stages of this condition. These practitioners perform a myriad of procedures, such as pocket reduction, bone grafting, complicated teeth extractions, etc. Periodontal services are indispensable for everyone suffering from minor and severe gum disease.

Endodontists are popular as root canal specialists, which makes them the experts in performing root canal treatments. Their role is to treat inflamed and infected tooth nerves, causing overwhelming pain in patients. The interior of teeth is comprised of a multitude of blood vessels known under the name pulp. Once the pulp is affected by a cavity or trauma, the nerve becomes infected and triggers pressure in the bone.

Moreover, endodontists perform root canal treatments by drilling a tiny hole on the top of the affected tooth in order to gain access to the infected tissue. Their job is to remove this tissue, clean the canals, and shape them to their previous condition. Afterward, they put a temporary filling to protect the tooth from fracturing. In the meantime, they manufacture a porcelain crown and place it on the tooth once done.


A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Dentist in PlantationIf you’re coping with a malocclusion problem, visiting an orthodontist would be the right solution. These practitioners find a solution for patients whose teeth aren’t positioned correctly due to different malocclusions, such as an underbite or overbite. Orthodontists offer various appliances for improving a bad bite, such as metal braces, clear braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, etc. Those patients who aren’t fond of wearing braces can be provided with removable aligners like Invisalign.

Patients having problems with their wisdom teeth should look for oral surgeons who specialize in wisdom tooth extractions. These teeth are provided with limited room to grow, which is why they threaten to cause teeth crowding. They can be fully impacted, partially impacted, or entirely erupted. In the event of fully impacted wisdom teeth, they are found below the bone and gums. Consequently, a more complex surgery would be required to extract them in comparison to partially impacted teeth.

Nevertheless, oral surgeons aren’t only experts in performing wisdom tooth extractions. They’re capable of performing such procedures anywhere in the oral cavity. These surgeons are proficient at corrective jaw surgery for patients with misaligned jaws, biopsies, and TMD surgeries.

Cosmetic dental services are a suitable choice for individuals looking to improve their smiles. Cosmetic dentists offer teeth-whitening treatments to patients who wish to remove staining and discolorations. They also perform cosmetic procedures like dental crowns, implants, bonding, and dental veneers. Dental veneers are the latest trend when it comes to improving the appearance of teeth. They take the form of thin shells cemented to the front of the teeth.

Ultimately, if you plan to take your kid to the dentist, make sure you take it to a pediatric specialist. These practitioners have the necessary skills to care for the oral health of patients, from infants to teenagers. Pediatric services usually involve dental checkups, cleaning treatments, cavity fillings, etc.

Most importantly, pediatric dental specialists monitor the oral health of children and the development of their teeth. Consequently, they can alarm parents about any malocclusions or diseases that appear. Although general dentists are equally capable of performing these procedures, parents are advised to take their kids to a pediatric specialist, as he/she has specific knowledge in compliance with the age of patients.

Ask for recommendations

Once you have determined the type of dental services you need, you should start asking for recommendations. Make sure you look for referrals from your closest friends and family members, as they would be happy to share information about their dentists.

It’s paramount to learn how long your friends or relatives have been using the services of their dentists. The more years they’ve been their patients, the more trustworthy their services are. Unless a dentist is reliable, no patient will keep visiting his/her office.

Nevertheless, when asking for recommendations for more complex operations, you’re supposed to consider the opinion of people who have already undergone such a procedure. There’s no point in assessing the abilities of a particular dentist just by considering the opinion of patients who have undergone teeth cleaning only. Always take referrals with a grain of salt in order not to fall into inexperienced hands.

Check convenience

The recommendations you’ve received will assist you in creating a shortlist of potential dentists. Your next task would be to check the convenience of using their services. For instance, the location of the office/clinic should be nearby your home or your work for you not to waste precious time driving to the other side of town.

Another point of consideration is the office hours. The working hours of the dentist should be in compliance with your schedule in order for you to schedule appointments either prior to or after work. Doctor-patient communication is vital when selecting a reliable dentist, which is why you should assess the friendliness of the practitioner and its staff.

The friendliness of the personnel can be best assessed by contacting the office over the phone or scheduling a consultation. Meeting the dentist and staff is best done in person, as you can determine whether the office and personnel are welcoming or not. The staff should be hospitable so as to make you feel comfortable instead of anxious.

Check credentials

Another aspect to bear in mind when choosing a dentist in Plantation is the credentials of the practitioners. Prior to registering with a particular dentist, it’s vital to check whether he/she has the required education and license. Make sure the practitioner you consider suitable hasn’t been involved in any dental negligence claims in the past.

In addition, dental professionals are expected to provide proof of insurance, as dental patients are believed to be offered the lowest level of protection. The insurance is supposed to protect dental patients in the event of substandard treatment or negligence.

Moreover, dentists are expected to be members of ADA (American Dental Association). By becoming members of ADA, these practitioners agree to follow the principles of ethics and code of professional conduct of this association. This code obliges members to put the patient first and involve him/her in making treatment decisions. The golden rule of the association is doing no harm, which means keeping patients safe and healthy.

Another rule ADA members are obliged to respect is providing fair treatment to each patient regardless of his/her race, ethnicity, religion, social background, etc. Also, dentists are obliged to be truthful in doctor-patient relationships. The base of these relationships should be honesty and complete trust. Consequently, dentists have to be truthful when stating the diagnosis and planning the treatment. Every patient should consider its dentist as a partner for the relationship to be functional.

The bottom line

Don’t let your oral health lead to serious health problems.

Choose the best practitioner to keep your teeth shiny and perfectly healthy!


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