Disadvantages of Having Sex Every Day


Sex is common thing between couple’s life. Rather, it can also help both the male and woman to stay happy and enlightened.

A study found that sex can help couples to improve their relationship and make unbookable bond.

But you that having too much sex can also be worse for you and this article is everything about what disadvantages of having sex every day and also get some best tips to improve your sexual performance in bed.

To avoid all the disadvantages, at first, you need to figure out the most effective negative point of having sex regularly.

Let’s discuss each one of the negative sides of having sexual stimulation every day with your partner in bed.

Some of the disadvantages of sex

If you are totally unaware of the disadvantages of having sex regularly this simple article will help all to know them in detail. Let's figure out all those things which you need to know if you are engaging in everyday sexual performance with your partner.

1. Vaginal dryness

Having regular sex with your partner can increase the problem of vaginal dryness and also responsible for increasing vaginal tears.

This is one of disadvantages of regularly engaging yourself in sex performance with your partner

People who want to remove a vaginal disorder or vaginal dryness problem should take the help of a doctor and avoid doing sex every day.

2. Risk of UTI

Besides that, another one disadvantage of having regular sex with your partner can increase the problem of vaginal infection.

It can often offer you the problem of unpleasant feelings within your vagina. Subsequently, it can also increase the PH level of your vagina and can help the infection to spread rapidly.

Therefore, if you want to avoid bladder and vaginal infections then it is not ideal to make sex every day.

3. Losing interest

Another one more disadvantage of having regular sex is that it can also Decrease your interest within you for involving in sexual performance. Both partners face the problem of losing interest. Not only that, but it can also completely distinguish the excitement and Desire of your partner if you will engage in sexual stimulation every day.

Therefore, people should avoid having sex regularly. Set a particular time Involving sexual stimulation with your partner by avoiding regular sex. If you do not want to lose your interest in sexual stimulation with your partner then you will have to avoid regular sex.

4. Exhaustion

Regular sex can also make both partners tired and exhausted. Besides that, by involved in sexual stimulation every day with your partner can release norepinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol. When your body will release all these things it will simply bring out the problems like heart rate, glucose metabolism, and blood pressure. Subsequently, it is proved that having regular sex is not the ideal option for both males and females.

It can make your body totally exhausted and tired by decreasing interest in having sex regularly on the other side. Subsequently, people will also have to deal with all these health problems equally if they are performing sex daily.

5. Scraping off the Vulva Skin

On the other hand, another one more negative point of having regular sex is that it can decrease the vaginal skin health of women. Women who are regularly involved in sexual encounters with their partners often break their single wall. While walking they will feel irritated and uncomfortable as the vaginal was already broken from extreme sex life. The condition of vaginal excoriation occurs when people are making too much sex regularly.

This problem only happens with women and can damage their vaginal walls very quickly. If you want to make a healthy sexual performance with your partner then you will have to avoid sex. If you want to keep your vulva skin healthy by avoiding vaginal damage then you need to choose an appropriate time to make sex with your partner.

6. Back Pain in the Lower Back

Another one more disadvantage of making their regular sex with your partner will increase the problem of back pain and lower back pain. Both partners can face the problem equally especially the male partner while encountering physical stimulation with their partner in bed. The male partners have to involve in sexual stimulation with your partner to satisfy them. Therefore, often they become very much wild to perform sexual performances in the bed.

By doing this every day it will enhance the back problem and lower back problems in the female partner's body. Similarity the other partner will also face the same difficulty and will feel the pain equally.

7. Addiction

And the last disadvantage of having regular sex can increase the addiction within both partners equally. Involvement in sexual activity every day can increase this particular problem. Only a healthy sexual life can offer you the best advantages of having sex with your partner. Otherwise, it can equally provide all the disadvantages of involving in sexual activities every day for the people.

Addiction to sexual life is not a good thing for both men and women. Only an appropriate and correct sexual routine can make both men and women healthy. Therefore, do follow only a good sexual stimulation with your partners.

Tips to apply while having sex everyday

Having sex can help couples to maintain their relationship for long and make them healthy physical and mentally.

If you really want to have great sex with your partner every day, here are some tips that you need to follow in order to make your sex more enjoyable.

Use protection:- Whenever you plan for intercourse, do not forget to use protection. Using a thin condom can help men to maintain penile sensitivity and erection for a long time.

Take ED medication:- If you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction that ruin your sex activities by not staying erect longer.

Take ED medication like Kamagra 100 (Sildenafil) and Vidalista 20 (Tadalafil) and others which make you hard longer and sustain your desire of having sex every day.

Be confident:- Many people feel unconfident with their partner while performance. This feeling make men mentally and physically weak.

Never balm yourself and be sexually confident.

Understand each other:- You never find satisfaction with your partner if you can’t understand what your partner want and how does they feel.

Try to communicate and understand each other’s feelings. This tip definitely helps you to improve your sexual performance day by day.


Therefore, these are the most disadvantages of having regular sex with your partner.

But having sex everyday isn’t bed, rather it make strong relationship

Applying above effective tips can help you to improve your sexual performance.

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