You have the equipment to perform orthodontic treatments. You know how to meet the expectations of your patients. Do you know there are external details to your profession that can influence the way a patient perceives your service?

Have a friendly dental office for your patients and provide an optimal impression with these 5 tips:

Your Dental Office serves as a business card. It is the first impression of who you are and the type of service you provide to your patients. Every day, people are being guided more and more by visual aspects and the objects they have around them. Let yourself get a little bit of style and take a chance on making the environment in which you interact with your patients more enjoyable and relaxed. With this new perspective, you will build loyalty in an unconscious way.

  1. Colors

Some say the dominant colors related to the health area are blue and green. But this philosophy is not, however, divine law. It is not necessary to limit yourself to these two colors when you have a full range of colors to utilize in your Dental Office. Choose your favorite color and play with the details. It’s all about giving life to your work-space. Avoid using somewhat muted or neutral colors, such as gray, because it can make your space look a bit monotonous. Also, forget in making everything white because you’ll make the place look like a hospital (unless that’s really the look you’re going for).

  1. Furniture

Choose high-quality furniture not only for the work area but also for the waiting room. Keep in mind your patients – they are most important! If you have attractive furniture, they will surely think that your Dental Office is a pleasant place to hang out for a while. We recommend choosing armchairs instead of basic chairs and always in neutral tones that will allow you to keep them if you decide to change the color or tone of your walls in the future.

  1. Space

Having a large room can be a great advantage. But it is not necessary to have a huge space to achieve a harmonious Dental Office. Take the time to organize your furniture to make your space seem bigger and/or wider. Compact furniture and light colors help create a sense of larger space. You can also use mirrors and adjust them so the place looks much larger and/or wider.

  1. Distractors

A somewhat daring idea but this will undoubtedly give you a gold star with your patients. Let’s be honest – it is not comfortable to be lying with your mouth wide open while someone checks your teeth. When patients are reclining in your chair, it is of benefit if they have something to look at. A good idea may be to put a decorative mural on the ceiling or a screen with some animations, so you will have something that captures the patient’s attention while doing your work.

  1. Waiting

One of the most tedious things for patients and their companions to do in your waiting room is having to wait. Use your creativity to the fullest.  Besides placing the usual corporate magazines and brochures in your waiting room, add different objects such as puzzles or small games that entertain your customers while they wait. Complete the experience with music and fragrances that relax your patients. Offering free wifi is also an excellent option.

you in front of the competition. In addition to these tips, look for inspiration on various design-oriented websites or magazines. You may also want to seek the advice of a design professional. With a pleasant space, you will capture the attention of your patients and improve the efficiency of your staff. In addition, contribute to your marketing strategy and increase the way patients see

Go ahead and change your work area to improve the image of the company!


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