The future of cosmetic dentistry is digital


Cosmetic dentistry has changed its functionality a lot since it started finding use amidst many patients who wanted to look good while having healthy oral hygiene. However, cosmetic dentistry still comes second after restorative dentistry has given the fact that restorative options are of utmost importance as compared to cosmetic ones. However, the cosmetic aspect of dentistry is rising steadily especially with the help of technology and cost-effective procedures.


The word “Digital” has taken over the entire world with businesses and service providers moving their services to use the best of digital practices. The same scenario has been found in the healthcare industry were reaching a doctor has become easier than ever. Even the dental healthcare services have seen a vast change in the types of services provided to the patients that have been bettered with the help of digital practices.

CAD/CAM Dentistry

The future of cosmetic dentistry is digital
Wellington Orthodontist
Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the Computer Aided Manufacturing is essentially the use of digital technologies for a specific use such as dental restoration which includes options such as dental crowns, dental implants, and veneers. Now, most people assume that this technique is new to the dental health care system, but it has been in place since the 1980s.
However, its full-scale implementation only started recently in the last decade or so. Use of CAM/CAD allows tooth restoration practices to look natural with higher durability, and better fit inside the mouth as compared to the practices before the introduction of the CAD/CAM. The dentistry services from Wellington dentist include the use of CAD/CAM technologies for better results.
  • The restoration of dental elements is first planned with the help of a computer screen that captures the mouth’s image with the help of optical scanners. It is among the best and revolutionary technologies in the market, especially CERC omnicam 4.2. This scanner takes the exact replica from the mouth with natural colors with no need for any unpleasant coating that tastes bad as used in previous scanners that enhanced the mouth details. These digital changes have prevented the requirement for any impression material placed inside the mouth for long durations.
  • The CAD software helps with creation of the restoration requirements and the cumulative time taken for the completion of the task varies as per the complexity of the case. Additionally, an in-house CAM lab fastens the process as opposed to the requirement outsourced.
  • This restoration of dental implants is manufactured with the use of printing or milling of material which uses a separate technology based on CAM.

Benefits of opting for digital cosmetic dentistry

The future of cosmetic dentistry is digital
Wellington Orthodontist

Digital dentistry provides benefits to the patients who tend to suffer from issues such as dental anxiety. According to a survey carried out by British Dental Health Foundation, about 36 percent of the patients who refrained from getting in touch with a dentist on a regular basis accepted that fear of dentists or dental procedures was the prime reason. Today, the patients do not need to go through the issues of placing uncomfortable materials inside the mouth when digital impression has taken over the traditional practices. This has very well exterminated the potential for anxiety seen in the patients.

Potential benefits of opting for the digital dentistry include:

  • Digital makeover for a smile:
Wellington orthodontist has the best technologies for digital imaging that comes with CBCT scans as well as X-rays that create perfectly detailed images for the teeth, oral structures, and jaws. This digital imaging technique with video elements allows the dentists to produce a 3D print-based model which allows the dentists and even you to see exactly what your smile shall look like after the procedure is completed.
  • Mess-free impressions:
Before the inclusion of digital practices, the dentists used to opt for traditional techniques that implied the use of dental models that were biocompatible type molding materials. The dentists used to lay these over the teeth along with the dental ridges to take an impression of the shape inside your mouth.
While this procedure was accurate and safe, it often caused mess which needed to be cleaned up requiring additional work. The digital planning for cosmetic dentistry has changed the way these things work with no requirement for molding materials as the images help in creating the mold digitally.
  • Tooth preservation:
Better technology for imaging comes with more accurate planning for improvement of a smile. The digital treatment helps preserve a better amount of the healthy part of the tooth structure. This helps in the maintenance of a rather healthy mouth with a beautiful smile that lasts long after the completion of cosmetic treatment.
  • Save cost and time:
Digital imaging has emerged as a boon for doctors who work in the dental department as well as the patients. With time being of the essence, the digital imaging helps score better time with lowered price tags for the procedures. Previously when it took hours for the doctors to treat a single patient, today it takes much less time allowing the doctors to treat a higher number of patients within the same time frame.
  • Improved accuracy:
When compared to the hefty procedure opted before the inclusion of digital technology, the accuracy is seen today is much precise. The shape for new teeth, prevention of gaps located in the crown or surrounding areas can easily be looked out for by the use of digital dentistry.
  • Better predictability:
Knowing what the final result would look like was unpredictable with the use of traditional technologies. However, the inclusion of digital help in cosmetic dentistry allows the patients to take a peek at the possible final results with better precision and higher predictability as opposed to traditional practices.
Digital dentistry can essentially transform the way you smile with better diagnoses as well as precise results from the procedures. Today, more dental clinics are investing in the use of digital technology with new products that benefit the patients as well as the dentists. Techniques such as minimally invasive surgeries and dental lasers allow the doctors to improve a patient’s overall personality with a better smile and minimal pain.
Cosmetic dentistry is digital dentistry
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The future of cosmetic dentistry is digital
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