The Benefits of CBD Oil


Some people are calling CBD ‘the miracle medicine’, but for those of us unfamiliar with its origins, forms and effects, what exactly is CBD, what does it do, and what is the best way to take it?


Ever since the passing of the farm bill in the US in 2018, revelations surrounding CBD are spreading far and wide. Not only across the US, but also widely throughout Europe. CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant, which is now legal to cultivate in all 50 American states and across the European Union. There can be a confusion between CBD based products and marijuana, but although they both come from the same family of plants (cannabis), CBD is extracted from hemp with has little to no trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive component – providing the ‘high’ when smoking weed.


CBD products are beginning to appear in all shapes and sizes, from vapes, to skin creams, to raw hemp extract. However, the most popular form is CBD oil. This product is the most convenient to use and can be adapted in many ways to suit the user, some people choose to ingest it directly, whereas others prefer to infuse food or drinks. Hemp extract is also full of other vital compounds, such as Omega 3 and 6, which are not lost in CBD oils referred to as ‘full-spectrum’, enhancing the natural effects.


According to ammassing personal accounts and success stories, it is claimed that CBD oil can alleviate and improve the following conditions and ailments: acne, anxiety, depression, circulation issues, insomnia, epilepsy and muscle spasms. CBD is not a new discovery, in fact there are records of it being used in ancient chinese medicine thousands of years ago. However, only now have doctors and scientists been granted the resources and financial backing to carry out extensive research into the compound and how it affects the human body.


What we do know is that in each and every one of us there is an endocannabinoid system, complete with CB1 and CB2 receptors. When CBD enters the bloodstream it interacts with these receptors, controlling and regulating the release of certain chemicals, such as serotonin, and increasing blood flow.


So far studies have strong findings of CBD oil helping to manage arthritis pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.[1] Research is also being carried out on Multiple Sclerosis patients,[2] the hope being that CBD oil will lessen the severity of muscle spasms which can put people in constant pain.

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Outside of the lab, people are choosing to incorporate CBD oil into their lives to manage day to day challenges such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Thanks to the sense of relaxation and general calmness CBD oil can offer, people are finding it easier to deal with these obstacles that can make everyday life that much harder. A good night’s sleep goes a long way.


If you’re looking to join the CBD oil movement, or at least see what it’s about, visit Reakiro and check out their wide range of CBD oils  which come in a variety of strengths and flavours. Reakiro is a European leader in the industry, priding themselves in the quality of not only their expertly grown hemp plants, but their entire production process which gives the consumer full traceability from farm to shelf. Head to their website to find about more about their CBD products  and their story.




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