Gloss Hygienic Wall Cladding Puts A Real Sheen On Compliance

High-risk settings are now benefiting from brilliant cleanliness and sparkling style – thanks to gloss hygienic wall cladding. Vibrant and contemporary, it is the trending surface of choice for walls in a wide range of sensitive environments. Inexpensive compared to historic alternatives, like stainless steel and ceramic tiles, it delivers the high visual impact modern interiors demand. Now a wide range of businesses can benefit from total hygiene without compromising on style.


The brand associated with this sea change in how hygiene standards are maintained is CleanClad. A UK market leader, it is trusted to deliver the highest levels of hygiene by hospitals, commercial kitchens and a wide range of other sectors. Revered for its uncompromising good looks and ultra-smooth surface, it makes light work of even the toughest cleaning jobs. Designed to perform as good as it looks, CleanClad gloss hygienic wall cladding retains its looks while helping businesses and municipalities effortlessly meet demanding food safety and hygiene standards.

Why gloss hygienic wall cladding?

Popular in theatre-style kitchens and restaurants, gloss hygienic wall cladding can be used anywhere. It is especially beneficial in settings that require both hygienic surfaces and great interior design. CleanClad has, quite rightly, carved out a niche in a rapidly-expanding market. The need to meet ever-increasing regulations is driving more businesses to invest in hygiene systems. CleanClad is the preferred wall cladding partner of more and more big brands, because its products are versatile, impact resistant and benefit from a Class 1 fire rating.

A spokesman said: “The fact that you can now clad a sensitive environment with an easy-to-clean product that is cheaper than alternatives and also visually appealing has really started to turn people’s heads. Our gloss hygienic wall cladding is available in a wide range of bright, bold colours – everything from organge and red to purple and black – and really makes a statement. In fact, people are quite amazed when they look at the sheer choice. All our gloss PVC sheet is 2.5mm in thickness and available in two sheet sizes. It is popular because it is efficient, easy to install and even easier to maintain.”

The modern solution to tiles

CleanClad products require no grouting, are simply bonded to walls and make up one of the lowest maintenance hygiene solutions on the market today. Savvy business owners recognise its resistance to moisture and robust durability, as well as its sheer good looks. Gloss hygienic wall cladding can be used in bar, retail spaces, behind any type of counter, in offices, schools, hospitals and many other settings. If you are looking for easy to clean surfaces that also scream style, take a look at what CleanClad has to offer.

Operating online, the brand delivers its products nationwide. It also offers an installation service. For customers looking for technical advice, it provides free advice. On its website you will find a helpful installation guide as well as a whole world of inspiration. Whatever the size of your sensitive space, CleanClad can help you keep it spotlessly clean with hygienic surfaces that make compliance straightforward. Whether you want to combine your hygiene solution with branding or just create a more inviting setting, gloss hygienic wall cladding is the answer.

Take a look at CleanClad gloss hygienic wall cladding here

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