Benefits of Vaping with an Epipe and Other Vaporizers


Previously, people who have wanted to enjoy their nicotine doses through smoking could smoke conventional cigarettes or use traditional tobacco pipes. However, around 2003, vaping was introduced to offer a less dangerous alternative to smoking. People could then use electronic cigarettes and other devices such as electronic pipes to enjoy their nicotine.

An epipe resembles a conventional smoking pipe, only that it is used to vape e-liquid through electronic means. Like the traditional smoking pipe, an e-cig pipe has several parts, usually a bowl, mouthpiece, and stem. On the other hand, an electronic pipe differs from a smoking pipe in that the user does not light it with a match or a lighter and doesn’t pack it with tobacco. Instead, it is an electronic device powered by a lithium-ion battery. To use it, the user needs only to turn it on.

Typically, an epipe uses a battery to heat e-juice in an atomizer or a cartridge to turn it into vapor. The vapor moves up the stem to get to the mouthpiece where the user inhales or puffs it. Whether using an e-cig, an epipe mod, or any other device, Vaping has a crucial advantage: it is safer for the user’s health. This is because eliminating burning tobacco removes so many of the toxins which generally get into the body during smoking.

What are the advantages of vaping with an epipe?

You may wonder why you need to invest in an epipe. Well, you need to look out for the best vape pipes for sale and invest in one because vaping has several benefits. Below are some of the advantages of vaping, especially using electronic pipes.

· It is safer

Many reputable health bodies and associations agree that vaping is far safer compared to smoking. Public Health England (PHE) says that vaping is around 95% less harmful. When you use an e-cigarette pipe or any other vaping device, you do not have any tobacco combustion. Avoiding burning tobacco eliminates smoke (which results in carbon monoxide and tar — both of which cause long-term adverse effects on health). Unlike smoking, vaping has benefits such as better lungs and heart and even sharper senses of smell and taste. To enjoy these benefits, and others, invest in a top-notch vaping device like an ePuffer epipe.

· You can regulate nicotine concentration

Using an epipe to get your nicotine dose allows you to control your nicotine intake, which is impossible when smoking a conventional cigarette. The beauty of vaping is that e-juice comes in varying nicotine strengths, from low to high. You can even choose to vape free of nicotine. Since you add e-juice to the cartridge, you need to use e-juice without nicotine to enjoy nic-free vaping. It does not matter which device you use because you can vape without nicotine with a vape that looks like a pipe, an e-cig, a vape mod, or any other vaporizer.

· Vaping with an epipe allows you to choose flavors

Another significant advantage of using pipe-shaped vape devices or other vaporizers over smoking a traditional cigarette is that you have limitless e-juice flavor options to choose from. You can enjoy some of the familiar flavor categories, including dessert, fruit, beverages, menthol, mint, and even tobacco, or decide to make your flavor by blending some of the flavors. The wide variety of e-liquid flavors you can use in your epipe makes vaping exciting and able to meet your specific needs because users can pick the flavors that match their craving. For example, ex-smokers often find tobacco flavor works best for them.

· You avoid the smoking-related odor

Smokers have the odor of smoke hanging all over them, on their clothes, hands, in their cars, houses, etc. Unfortunately, the smell can put people off and make socializing a bit tricky. Fortunately, vaping your pipe ecig and other types of vaping devices eliminates the smoke odor. Vaping leaves some aromas, but they are far different from the unpleasant smell of smoke and cigarette butts. Even when you use tobacco-flavored e-juice in your epipe, its smell is different from that of tobacco combustion. Many people do not even notice the scent from vaping, and some may even find it pleasant and compliment you.


You stand to enjoy so many benefits from vaping, and more so when using an epipe. This is because electronic pipes are beautiful and express your style. Generally, vaping using any vaporizers allows users to get their nicotine dose more safely, avoid smoke odor, and have the freedom to choose their nicotine strength, including vaping nicotine-free.

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Benefits of Vaping with an Epipe and Other Vaporizers
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