TRAINER TIPS: Burn 500 Calories in Just 30 Minutes (Infographic)

TRAINER TIPS Burn 500 Calories in Just 30 Minutes (Infographic), According to a Trainer by MICHEAL N.Do you find it hard to commit enough time during

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TRAINER TIPS Burn 500 Calories in Just 30 Minutes (Infographic), According to a Trainer by MICHEAL N.

Do you find it hard to commit enough time during the week to get a good workout? If multiple evenings a week in the gym is not a viable option, why not try a series of short yet powerful workouts at home to get your exercise fix?

From jogging/sprinting routines to intense exercise bike workouts and plyometric combinations, you can soon burn off almost 500 calories in only half an hour from the comfort of home. Here is an infographic from My Fitness Boutique which outlines a few of the best high-intensity workouts that you can squeeze into a short timeframe.  

TRAINER TIPS Burn 500 Calories in Just 30 Minutes (Infographic), According to a Trainer by MICHEAL N.
Burn 500 Calories in Just 30 Minutes (Infographic)

Everyone is looking for a better way to maintain his/her statue and reduce fat. But the fastest way to do this is by burning out the calories so that our body can burn out excess fat storage sites.

 calorie intake

90% of it comes down to self-motivation. If you are the type that does take bad calories (processed food) you should already know by now that you need natural substances to achieve your goal: vegetables, fruits, grass-fed meats, beans, and plain H2O in normal proportions. 

If it all these types of junk foods parked out of a box that you do buy, or processed otherwise, Am sorry, you are not ready.  Thr facts remain that over-consuming any food can lead to too much calorie surplus and result in fat weight gain, but going with a natural approach will make your efforts a bit easier.

In addition, self-discipline is the basic key element. If you truly want to do this, you will surely achieve it. But If you don’t pay the price now you won’t be able to burn approximately 500 calories based on your body weight. 

Note that the more intense an activity, then the greater the calorie usage. Keep that in mind when selecting activities. Go harder rather than longer. That stated, what is important to know is successful fat loss comes down to disciplined food intake combined with sensible exercise selection.

Most of the things on this infographic happen at home or outside, you don’t even need a gym.  

Calories run through our body system and keep us running up and function properly; our body system uses energy all the time. The activities on this infographic step up your caloric burn and can even boost your metabolism.

These infographics are based on estimations from My Fitness Boutique. These are only one out of the trainer tips they have do check them out for more. 

Keep this at the back of your mind that burning 500 calorie or an exact number of calories depends on your body build, gender, muscle content, physical fitness level, and many other factors.

Last Modified: 2018-08-01


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    Excellent piece. Can’t wait to try some of these workouts, they seem really exciting!