7 Scientifically proven Weight loss Tips with Green Tea

7 Scientifically proven Weight loss TipsAs excess weight continue to expose us more to diverse kinds of illness and diseases, that is why I search for

7 Scientifically proven Weight loss Tips

7 Scientifically proven Weight loss Tips

As excess weight continue to expose us more to diverse kinds of illness and diseases, that is why I search for an effective weight loss remedy. This has remained a major challenge for every individual. Today, I have separated the facts from fiction to provide everybody with proven tips and remedies that have been scientifically proven to help us lose that weight and provide everyone with a good shape and body that inspires confidence.


Green Tea and Disease Prevention

Green tea contains many chemical compounds that may play a role in reducing the burden of disease. According to research, studies have shown the benefit in adding green tea compounds to the diet as opposed to oolong tea that contains lower levels of catechins, the chemicals thought to be effective for weight loss.
Green tea is an effective weight loss agent which exerts its weight loss effect by diet-induced thermogenesis. According to the Journal of medicinal food, the antioxidative activity of tea-derived catechins is associated with increased weight loss due to the inhibition of catechol-O-methyltransferase by catechin-polyphenols.

Black Tea and Weight Loss

Taking black tea to lose weight is an excellent decision to take. Black tea is rich in anti-oxidants that are known to significantly boost metabolism and help burn fat.

Black tea aids weight loss by regulating the blood sugar level which effectively keeps you healthy and strong, research has also shown that there is a low level of obesity in countries with high black-tea consumption.


Cut Down on Processed Food.

Processed food is one of the main cause of weight loss, A Brazilian study published in the journal of public health nutrition concluded that the increased availability of ultra-processed food products in households is positively and independently associated with higher prevalence of obesity and excess weight in all age groups.

Get Rid of that Sugar Use Honey Instead

No weight loss regimen will be effective except sugar is eliminated from the equation because simple sugar is strongly linked to obesity and weight gain. You can use honey as an alternative instead.

Any success recorded in regulating sugar intake especially simple sugars (carbonated drinks and sugary products) will greatly enhance weight loss results.

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Exercise and Fitness

Many unscrupulous individuals have capitalized on the insatiable appetite of the population for quick fixes to market products that solve weight issues overnight.

Unfortunately, most of these products only end up complicating an already complicated issue. The truth is that weight loss without walkouts will almost certainly fail. Exercises are not just important for weight loss as they are critical ingredients for overall fitness and well-being.

Water Before Meals

Taking water before meals are considered awkward in many traditions and even a taboo in some cultures. But drinking water before a meal can boost your metabolism by up to 30% and significantly help with weight loss.

A recent study indicated that drinking half a liter (500 ml) of water half an hour before meals can help an individual lose 44% more weight

Install a Walkout App on your Smart Phone.

Many have been able to move from a sedentary habit that promotes weight gain to a more active lifestyle that helps burn fat. Thanks to modern health technology Apps that increase in the consciousness of the number of steps taken per day is fueling the drive to increase movement and stay fit.

Taking fewer than 5,000 steps a day is considered sedentary or inactive lifestyle. A user-friendly App like Pacer is very helpful in this regard.


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