Home remedies: How to take care of the sick or how to improve on your health conditions at home.

 How to use natural remedies to care for the sick at home?  When having sick people around you, or when you are I'll, you don't or they don'

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 How to use natural remedies to care for the sick at home?

  When having sick people around you, or when you are I’ll, you don’t or they don’t have so much energy to take care of themselves or yourself to cure the slickness or disease.
 But yet, there is much you can do to help yourself or improve the healthy process; and that is while we must know the various simple method that does not required lot of money and very simple procedures, this procedures we help your healing process and make your body well and be physically fit again or feel better.

  However, if your doctor or pharmacist’s as prescribed medicine for you to use, you can still follow up this processes to get a better health at all time (this does not stop you from using your drugs).

 All the method mentioned below are all categorized under ” NATURAL REMEDIES ” because they do not consist of treatment by drugs, but by those things from which the body naturally acquire strength and health from. Some of this are very common and not expensive at all: yet they are very effective means to care for the sick at home or alternative to drugs.

  For those using drug everyday, and it as if is no longer working or effective this method might be your better alternative use , follow up the procedure everyday.

  1. Having maximum energy the body need from sunlight
  2. Having fresh air in a well ventilated environment or home
  3. How to use water to cure your slickness or disease and much more.

 1. Having maximum energy the body need from sunlight

   The important relation of sunlight to health is a typical example of plant and animal. As we all know the important of sunlight in plant and animal. So, the important relation of sunlight to health (A good example of this is an early morning sun).
  Sunlight causes our bodies to develop well, just as it causes the plant to grow rapidly. Sunlight can kill disease germ in a short time. If you notice, very few cases of skin disease occur to those parts of the body that are constantly exposed to the light, unlike the skin that is covered from sun.
The sun is the source of all the heat, light and energy round the world. It is life-giving.
How to care for the sick at home

Follow this steps:
  • Every room should be open to received maximum energy from the sun.
  • Every room must be properly lighted and not dark at all time.
  • Go for walk in early morning sun.
  • Houses must be build in such a way that it is very ventilated and receive much energy because people who live in houses where little sunlight can get in are at high risk of contracting disease.

 2. Pure fresh air

  Having fresh air in a very ventilated environment is of great value to the body. If air supply is cut off or if a person can’t breathe, the person will die within minutes.
We all know the importance of air supply to the body. Our bodies produce the necessary heat and energy to keep in health unless we can constantly breathe pure air.
If a person is sick he or she need pure air than someone who is not sick. Today, I have emphasized on the importance of continuous air supply to the body.

  • Using a proper ventilated and lighted room for the sick.
  • Using of fan or any means to get fresh air.
  • Avoid tight fitting Cloth because tight fitting cloth can make you uncomfortable and generated too much heat (unless winter season when there is too much cold).
  • Using blanket, bed sheet or a towel is better than using tight fitting cloth that will make you uncomfortable or barely breathe.

 3. How to use water to cure your slickness or disease?

 We all considered water and importance factors in the world. But it is quite unfortunate that some of us does not know how to make use of water very well or should I say some people don’t considered water as importance factors. No human can leave without water or do away with it.
 According to medical research, two-thirds of weight of our bodies is made up of water.
 When man does not get the daily sufficient amount of water in his food or drink, he quickly losses strength and become weak or pale.
According to research, we all know that it his necessary to drink an abundance of water in order to help the skin and kidneys in eliminating from the body the poisonous substance and waste products that the body constantly produced through excrete, sweat and other glands that dispose body waste.
 An adult should drink up to eight glasses of water daily or as the body required. All drinking water should be pure or distilled water. Water for drinking should not be cold. It is very important that those who have fever should drink water in large quantities.
In cases of upset stomach, with spitting up of sour fluid, drinking hot water may bring relief. Also, every infant should be given a small amount of warm water (that as been boiled) to drink several times a day. Sometimes, when a baby his crying it simply means he/she need water and not food.
 There are various methods you can use water for in curing your disease such as:

How to use hydrotherapy at home;

  1. Fomentations.
  2. Using hot foot bath.
  3. Using cold compress.
  4. Making use of sitz bath.
  5. Sponging.
  6. Overall hygiene (Bathing).
  7. Balance diet
  8. Enema
  9. Vaginal douche and much more.

 For the giving of water treatments at home, only simple appliances are needed. Substitutes may be used in case of emergency, but it is much better to provide this things listed below:

  • One set of four fomentation , bed and blanket cut in four pieces makes four good fomentation
  • Two rough friction mitts.
  • Two hot water bottles.
  • One ice bag.
  • One bath thermometer.
  • Two foot tubs
  • Wash tubs, pans, towels, sheets and blankets, kettles. All this things are found in the home
  • Two large, deep buckets
  • Some source of heat.
  • A bowl of cold or Ice water.

  Fomentation are one of the most effective means of using water for the treatment of disease. Fomentations we relieve nearly all kind of pain, and it is safe to use. Except for pain in the lower right abdomen which may be due to appendicitis.

  Fomentation are far more superior to liniments and ointments of all kinds. The effectiveness of treatment by hot fomentations is increased in most cases by making a very brief application of cold after each hot fomentation.
In most cases after applying fomentations apply cold to the area for a few seconds. Then rub with towel.

How to apply fomentations?

  1.  Some sort of fire place
  2. A deep kettle or large one with water which is boiling on fire.
  3. A minimum of two fomentation cloths (four we be better).
  4. A mixed wool and cotton blanket cut into four pieces, each piece 30 to 36 inches square, is ideal.
  5. A large Turkish bath towel, two small hand towels and a bowl of cold or ice.


  1. On a clean table spread out the late Turkish towel, you are going to use it to cover and dry. Then fold the fomentation cloth or cloths into three thickness, making a long, narrow piece about 8 inches wide. Twist this cloth as is done in wringing clothes and immerse the entire cloth, except the two ends, in the kettle of boiling water. The ends may be held out of the water by applying the kettle cover tightly, wedging the cloth between it and the edges of the kettle. Leave it until it is thoroughly soaked with the boiling water.
     2. To squeeze, grasp the dry ends, twist the cloths tightly several times, then              stretch out. This squeeze out the boiling water without burning your hands.
     3. Place the hot fomentation cloth on the dry Turkish towel; then fold the edge      of the towel over it, completely enfolding the wet fomentation cloth in the dry      towel.
     4. You have to roll the whole into a neat bundle to retain the heat while                      carrying it to the patient.
     5. After placing a small hand towel over the area of the patients body that is              to be treated, apply the hot fomentation cloths; then protect the bed covers            from dampness, place another dry towel over the fomentation cloth before          the patient. On the head place a cloth which has been squeezed out if ice or          very cold water and change whenever it becomes warm.
     6. With a small dry towel wrapped about the hand, occasionally reach under            the fomentation and towel already on the patient and wipe off all moisture.         The fomentation if the moisture is thus wiped off from time to time.
    7. To change the fomentation: Have another hot fomentation rolled and ready         to apply as soon as the former one become comfortable. Then apply the                 fresh fomentation as the old is removed. This process should be kept up for           about fifteen minutes. When the treatment is finished, wipe off the area                 with a cold wet towel; then dry with a dry towel. Three such changes are                called set. More may be given if necessary to relieve pain.

What are the importance of using home hydrotherapy?

Hot foot bath:

The hot foot bath is a good way of relieving headache. It his also useful for treating inflammations of the pelvic organs; over coming chilly sensations; producing perspiration; and relieving sore, aching or cold feet.

For a hot foot bath a large pail, wash bowl can be uses. The feet are quite sensitive to heat. Soon after you have placed your feet or patient feet in a warm water, the temperature should gradually to a point but not so hot to the extend that it will burn. This is done by adding hot water a little at a time. And should continue for about fifteen minutes.

 When using foot bath, a cloth squeeze d out of cold water should be placed on the patient’s forehead, and the cloth should be frequently recoiled. This cold cloth not only prevent dizziness, but also prevent headache.
  One or tablespoonfuls of ground mustard, can be added inside the water to intensify the effect of the bath. If the patient is weak or has fever you can give the patient hot foot bath with lying down for better result.

Cold compress:

If a patient have early sore throat, a thickle or laryngitis (infection of the vocal cords which can cause loss of voice) there is nothing so effective as the cold compress.

Making use of sitz bath.

  The hot sitz bath is an excellent means of relieving pelvic pain due to the inflammation of the uterus,ovaries, vagina or bladder. It is very useful to relief severe pain during the menstrual period, or just preceding it, or to bring out the menses.
After the sitz bath, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment several days, or even three to two times a day. It is also help in relieving pain the hips. After a hot sitz bath the parts of the body that were in the hot water should be rubbed quickly with a cold wet towel and then dried thoroughly with a dry towel.

If you have any addition or suggestion, or if you know of a better way. Share and  comment below.

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