How Can You Actually Make An Healthy meals

 How Can You Actually Make An Healthy meals      Cooking and healthy meals is quite simple and healthy to our life.You just have t

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 How Can You Actually Make An Healthy meals

    How Can You Actually Make An Healthy meals

          Cooking and healthy meals is quite simple and healthy to our life.You just have to follow some normal criteria to prepared your food.
            Many foods are cooked before eaten.And the excess of this is to destroy diseases that are present in almost every food like meat.Cooking makes food more digestible.There are so much food that need to be cooked properly like wheat and beans.Cooking makes food more tasty; However,for many raw foods,such as wheat and millet,rice,beans and among others,when eaten raw,do not have the taste until they are well cooked.
              There are various methods of cooking but am going to metion three which are; steaming method,baking or roasting method and frying method.
               However, frying is not a good method of cooking,because many food are quickly prepared in this way and this make it more difficult to digest.When too much of oily food reaches the stomach it may not digest very well.Continuous fried food may lead to indigestion.
                However,in the kitchen proper cooking of food has so much to do with our health and our family or people and friends eaten this food.More attention and concentration should be given to the matter of having a good kitchen to cook your meals.The kitchen should be thoroughly clean always before cooking and after cooking.Every where in the kitchen must be kept clean to the maximum.Buckets and other receptacles,with covers,should be provided for the refuse and the dirty water.Refuse and dirty water should  be taken seriously ,as this may cause germs breed rapidly.
                  The food should be covered and kept in a well ventilated cupboard,so as to prevent other insects and bacteria to enter the body .However, some bacteria can not be dead by cooking the food .For this reason all food should be kept clean and place where mice, flies e.t.c cannot reach eat.

        What you should observe while cooking

                   Certain diseases can be passed to everybody that eat your food.That is while follow basic hygienic procedures.
                    Washing the hands before cooking is very important before preparing your food.This should include thorough cleaning of the hand by scrubbing under finger nails with soap and water and a brush;this we prevent the diseases in your hsnd from entering the food.
                    The premises where the cooking is done is also very important and should be kept clean.sinks and table tops should be washed thoroughly before and after meal.All peelings and waste should be kept covered until final disposal .Windows and doors should be clean .Care should be taken to keep ants and mice from entering the food.
                     You should always use clean cotton to wipe the clean glasses and other items of tableware.From a point of view it is not normal to use a cloth used to clean a dust or sweat from the eyes to clean the table where food is to be served.You should always covered your mouth with clean handkerchief when coughing and sneezing.Always avoid taking besides the food while cooking because a lot of bacteria are in the mouth.
                      All raw food should be washed thoroughly before served such as salad , grapes e.t.c.Handling silverware or drinking cup that comes In contact with the mouth is to be avoided.The glass should be grasped near its base ,and the fingers being kept away from the drinking edge.
                     After meal,ensure the dirty dishes and cutlery are washed thoroughly and immediately.However, washing the dishes with hot water is very good .
    Before anybody cooked for you make sure he/she observe the precaution in place and do a proper routine check up before cooking.

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